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Please reblog this radical feminist analysis of the Pussy Riot controversy. Recently there has been lots of noise around the arrest of three members of Pussy Riot, a Russian anarchist female punk band. The media almost unequivocally represented them as the modern heroines of our time, fighting for freedom, democracy,…

Critical mass?

Sexual politics ensure that women remain a sexual underclass–or rather a sex caste. Caste is somewhat different to class because it is a closed system, a complete dead-end, a “form of social stratification in which membership is determined by birth and remains fixed for life“. Although wealth and social-standing are able to cushion the female person from the worst … Continue reading

Flying by Kate Millet. Part I: Japan

Kate Millett is the author of Sexual Politics, a book which Andrea Dworkin described as the “alpha and omega of the women’s movement.” Sheila Jeffreys wholeheartedly agrees, stating that “it was not just a book of theory; it was a book that created a movement.” Reading it for the first time, I was struck by how much men’s books had starved me of roughage and substance, but here, … Continue reading

Why transwomen will never be as exciting as women.

It is often said that transwomen can be more beautiful and feminine than actual women. You hear transwomen say that women who do not conform to femininity cannot measure up and are not real women, not as real as them… So I’ve been thinking about what men get out of being with actual women. We know that they get services and … Continue reading

Gender Abolition and Radical Feminism.

My musings on a recent post at You Think I Don’t Understand but I Just Don’t Believe You, called “Rethinking Gender Abolition”.http://bugbrennan.com/2012/07/03/guest-post-rethinking-gender-abolition-by-pogoniptrail/#comment-2045 Although Radfems were the first ones to name gender, explaining to those who would listen that certain feminine traits did not necessarily grow organically from the XX chromosomal make up, but were in fact imposed upon the female … Continue reading

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More footage of the transgender attack on lesbian feminist activist Cathy Brennan at the NYC Dyke March 2012. Enjoy more insatanity from the psychotic Allyson Clarke’s flappin’ gums and lyin’ ass:     UPDATE: The YouTube has apparently been set to private but you may watch it HERE:  https://vimeo.com/45093846 .

A pick me up

To any radfems who need a pick me up right now, here’s the vid of Susan Boyle’s crie de coeur, her big fuck you to the world. It never fails to put a smile on your face. Representative of the scorned and despised older woman, still living in her childhood home in a Scottish village, … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

So I quit my job. Decisions, decisions. One man in the home, or lots of men in the workplace?  What is a girl to do? One thing’s for sure, if you have to put up with one man in the home anyway (for whatever reason), then being offered the “option” of  also including a load of … Continue reading

From Housewife to Heretic

The other day I received an e-petition message in my inbox begging the British government to re-think the financial cuts which are targeting domestic violence resources. This week the Independent reports that: “Almost 19,000 women aged between 15 and 88 sought state help to find emergency housing in 2008-09, showing the previously hidden scale of domestic-violence “migrants” forced out of their … Continue reading