Is my life cherryblossom?

Well it’s not peachy, that’s for sure.  

I am a Recently Reawakened Radical Feminist, getting angrier by the day. Musing on how best to  crush the patriarchy I opted for a drip-drip approach by concentrating on the first pillar: female isolation.

For the first time in history women can communicate en masse,  compare notes,  lives and marriages; perceive patterns and draw conclusions.

We have developed sophisticated communication skills in order to survive; we are the mistresses of non-verbal communication, of atmosphere-sensing and easing, of uncovering clues as to how the males in our lives- our bosses, our partners- tick. It is the perogative of society’s underlings to understand the moods, feelings and whims of the people who have power over them.

Otherwise known as women’s intuition.

This hard-earned social accuity is the measure of our situation but also the route out of it. Women are fascinated by the minutiae of each other’s lives because historically those details have been withheld from us. Male reality- its art, science, academia- is what is known to be human reality. But it is, at best, a  circumscribed, conservative, one-sided worldview, made even smaller by the fact that privilege does not allow them to perceive the Other. We women are Other, and not only do we know male reality, but many of us recognize that women harbour another, separate reality too. It is time to build on the work of our foresisters and continue to paint our truth in bright colours.

 They say that it is only when you begin to move that you feel your chains. This blog will trace my great journey into feminism.


15 thoughts on “Is my life cherryblossom?

  1. Since dirt deleted my comment to you (as she usually does if I am agreeing with someone on there because it doesn’t further her objective of making all FTMs look bad) – I commented to apologize to you for my kneejerk reaction to your post. Your last post made perfect sense to me – as we have 2 daughters. I totally GET why you said what you did – I just misinterpreted it. So, my sincere apologies for that and for my harsh comment. I just get so frustrated with the situation between lesbians and trans folk. I do think you are an amazing writer as well. Have a wonderful day.
    Mike (Extrospection)

  2. I am so pleased I found your blog through RadFem! I too am becoming more and more radical with each passing day. I’ve always tried to accept that I live in a man’s world and I need to make the best of it, and be vocal and strong, but try to co-exist with them peacefully. I’m writing that off. I think militancy is needed! 🙂 I LOVE your blog.


  3. Cherry, have you registered in the RadFemSpeak forums yet? (I gave the link to them in the ’21st century’ thread at the Hub) I would love to see you there. 🙂

  4. RadFemSpeak isn’t a safe place:

  5. Cherryblossom I have Replied elsewhere to some of your work. Here I will Hail you as Sister and how welcome you are.

    I am a Radical Feminist of 63 who was part of the Women’s Movement of the 70s. I worked at the London Women’s Liberation Workshop. I lived as a complete separatist for a total of 6 years: 2 years then later another four. The making of my life.

    In 1981 I founded a women’s retreat and health centre as part of the separatist movement. “Tabbies” nurtured many activist feminists and their projects, and welcomed women in its cafe and sauna from all over the world. But not only feminists: we welcomed ALL women.
    Later I ran “House of the Goddess” for 16 years as my path went into a political spirituality. Now I have “House Morgain” a clan of independent minded people,

    How I love it to find younger women talking Radical Feminism! You do it so superbly here too, with the old strength and wisdom but with new stuff too. Bliss.

    I have seen all kinds of odd definitions of RadFem appear – when it is not being silenced completely. To me it is quite simply ~

    ~ my choice to put being a woman FIRST whenever I bloody well want to! ~

    Not slavishly every time. Because it’s about choice. I might choose to put another issue first after careful thought. But my womanhood is always up there, out there, central, a chief candidate to be FIRST. Something has to be pretty mega to match it for a particular decision, too.

    Hugs. Flowers. Darkness. Sex. Purring. Flowing Water.

    Sisterhood is powerful (though often not nice).

  6. Cherryblossom thank you for your welcome. I live in Wales (Newport a few minutes from Cardiff) .

    Originally a Londoner and named with a Welsh name at birth, I am handfast to a wild and very politically wise Welshman for 25 years after a lifetime as a dyke – yeah it was a shock to us too! I am the mother of a grown up Welsh son who lives with us.
    That makes me what my Welsh neighbours call “adopted.” That is something of which I am very proud.
    I am also y Mabinogi ysgolhaig (a Mabinogion scholar) and I teach Celtic traditions, as well as Radical Feminism, Goddess and Craft. The last three centre on the body (embodiment).

    ‘Shan’ is an unusual but not artificial variant of ‘Sian.’ Both mean ‘Jane’ yn y Gymraeg.

  7. Hi cherryblossom, just read your comment about marriage on radfemhub (I’m working my way through the archives) – you’ll appreciate “Here Comes the Bride” – it’s on chris wind’s album The Art of Juxtaposition.

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