Fuck your equality


So the other day, Gender Identity Watch’s Twitter account was suspended. Some will interpret this as a great victory; some will see Twitter (a company), not unlike Facebook (also a company), as the benevolent arbiter of “good” and “evil” of “right” and “wrong.” (As a culture, we’re so fucking stupid that we only ever think in generalizations – Bad? Good? Right? Wrong? Nice? Mean?) But it’s not about “right” over “wrong” or “good” versus “evil.” Because while those vague concepts might play well in a comic book or some trite bit of fiction, discourse, real, actual, intellectual discourse is a bit more nuanced than these clumsy abstractions. And real discourse, real thinking, the kind that really exercises the gray matter is not fucking comfortable.  Everything can’t always “feel good” — and men, of course, have a hard time with this concept because for men, if something doesn’t “feel good” (to…

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