The Baby Scoop Era

As I was giving birth to my first baby, I kept thinking of my Aunt who had been coerced into adopting her baby because she wasn’t married. I kept thinking “She went through THIS!! And didn’t even get to keep the prize!!” I just couldn’t believe it. That women have given birth, risked their lives, only to have had their babies taken away. My daughter’s birth was eight years ago and the memory of it is still fresh. My heart goes out to any woman who goes through childbirth and doesn’t get to keep the child.

Radfem Groundhog Day

The Baby Scoop Era is the period immediately after the Second World War to the early-mid 1970s when hundreds of thousands of young, unmarried women were either forced to relinquish or excessively co-erced into giving their babies away for adoption. Many of these new mothers were not even allowed to see the child they had just given birth to. Many of these young women were told there was no other option other than to give up their child – this really can be called only one thing – baby stealing.

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