Why transwomen will never be as exciting as women.

It is often said that transwomen can be more beautiful and feminine than actual women. You hear transwomen say that women who do not conform to femininity cannot measure up and are not real women, not as real as them…

So I’ve been thinking about what men get out of being with actual women. We know that they get services and free labor, such as: babies, cleaning, emotional support, physical care, sex etc… If transwomen are able to do some of that and “embrace” the lot of the oppressed then fine. Hopefully it frees up some woman to concentrate on something else.

But it’s more than that. When I think about the Burning Times, I know that men were absolutely paranoid about women’s spiritual capacities to the extent that they felt they had to obliterate as many of us as possible… when I think about the ways in which men try to destroy every single piece of women’s souls and bodies using porn and media as propaganda, it tells me that they are basically very fearful, and intimidated by the thought of women being whole. They are afraid of women’s integrity, having none themselves.

So the systematic destruction of women eases this sense of fear and inadequacy.

This is why, I think, that transwomen will never measure up. Because men can’t get much out of conquering another male, except perhaps a brief sense of superiority in the male hierarchy. And they get even less than that if the male in question is basically saying he enjoys, and fetishizes, being subordinate. Remember: transwomen have not been forced into femininity, whereas women have…

Women were not born to be penetrated. Or to serve men. That is not  our raison d’etre.  We were born to be free. Everybody knows this and that is why it takes such a sheer colossal effort to keep women down. Patriarchies have to pull out all the stops because they know that if they take their eyes off the ball for even a second, women will stop being oppressed and just walk away.

And that’s part of the thrill of conquering a woman. A real woman. A witchy, bleeding, erratic, real woman. Men know their power over women is tenuous, but at that particular moment, the very moment they get a woman to love them, or sexually serve them in some way, they are reassured that they haven’t yet lost the war.


37 thoughts on “Why transwomen will never be as exciting as women.

  1. Me thinks you protest too much?
    You are the one reducing genetic women to walking Vagina’s with your birth argument?
    I would love to see you get eaten alive if you ever tried to explain being “abused” to three of the generations of strong women still with us in my family.
    You present a very “male-like” competitive approach to all of this by putting men on top of the gender food chain.
    All women, trans or not want to compete for that male ego…good for you!

    • You’re embarrassing yourself with this type of answer, but that’s because you’re not very well read, so I’ll let you off this time. I want to help you so that you don’t keep doing it. So here is a little education.
      Check out the stats on who runs the military, who owns the world’s land, who runs the OECD, who runs international politics (and domestic) and you’ll find that, oh, it’s actually men who put themselves in power over women, not me. That doesn’t mean they’re at the top of the “food chain”. It just means they experience the benefits of a political system known as patriarchy.
      Lecture over for today.

      • sorry i meant this:

        Everybody knows this and that is why it takes such a sheer colossal effort to keep women down. Patriarchies have to pull out all the stops because they know that if they take their eyes off the ball for even a second, women will stop being oppressed and just walk away.

        keeping women down takes a lot of time, energy and resources, which unfortunately men do have, but the point remains. if all of this came naturally for women, meaning our own subjugation and our own complicity in that, what would they (patriarchies, as you say) need advertising and indeed all television programming for? they wouldnt. thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Ah, got it 🙂 Yes, it does take all the strength they have, but they know that the pay off is worth it because it ensures that they get access to women. Without this most of them will never experience sex, and the vast majority of them will never get the chance to reproduce. THis in particular, is why they need to keep women down. (plus the fact they hate picking up their socks, of course. But who doesn’t?)

      I thought you meant that they have to work hard at trying to look like women. Well, they do that as well! Whereas we don’t need to do ANYTHING and we still look like women LOL. That must be annoying for them.

    • But yes, it goes on. Why have patriarchies always had to have LAWS and extreme punishments in order to prevent women from divorcing or leaving men? Because they know that women would not live with men, given the choice. Now they can’t really enforce this by law anymore so they’re forced to resort to discrimination in the workplace and violence to prevent women from setting up by themselves. Plus the media brainwashing.

    • The nazis murdered millions of people. Murder and torture. You know, that thing that men do all over the world every day.

      Radical feminists, on the other hand, have never murdered anyone.

      • Perhaps not in the mainstream news coverage. Media tends to stay away from that. I believe some femenazi’s have said things akin to:
        “Transwomen are better off dead.”
        “The only good transwoman is one in a concentration camp.”

        I would like to hear your response to these statements. I have seen comments like this with my own two eyes.

        Also, I would like to point out here that you have essentially equated being a woman to having a fully functional uterus and ovaries. What about those going through menopause or born barren? Are they considered men too?

      • Quoties please.

        It’s only polite to quote and link to the Radical Feminists who have apparently said those words.

        I wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression you were a liar…

        And of course, you would need to prove that the person who said that was a Radfem LOL. (“Coz I say I am” does not a Radfem make…)

        At any rate, you’re going to spam from now on.

        [BTW are you that psycho who spams this blog with a gazillion different user names?]

  2. I would like to rescind my previous statement. I went back and read a couple of your previous posts. I’m putting you on my list of reading blogs.

  3. I love masculine women, and i have little interest in hyper feminine women. I hope all women reach self-actualization. I am a woman who was born male. I was not forced into feminization, but I was forced into roles that did not fit me. Those roles were enforced with my father’s belt buckles, fists, and shame. I feel liberated now. I don’t have to be feminine or masculine. I am just myself. I don’t think people fit in the boxes your post suggests.

    • If you were born male you’re not a woman. Scientific fact.
      And you talk as though girls never experience belt buckles, fists and shame. I empathize with your experience, from human to human, but your childhood was in no way similar to that of a girl-child. Girl children experience all that you described and more. BUt because they’re female they’re suffering is invisible. Whereas yours is visible because you’re male.

      • If you read my comment, you won’t find any statement that women do not experience belt buckles, fists, or shame. I can’t believe you think that all the suffering girls experience is invisible. Black eyes, cigarette burns, cuts are all visible – and I can assure you girls and women suffer visible wounds.
        I don’t need to be defined by you.My communities, my employers, my health care providers say I’m a woman, and I just live my life. Scientific fact, as you said.
        If you think trans women have hegemony, explain the high homicide rates of trans women.

      • Trans women are killed by men and other transwomen.
        Not by women. Certainly not by radfems.
        Women, are killed (or raped) by men and transwomen.
        THink about the implications of this for a moment.

        ETA: It doesn’T matter WHO tells you you’re a woman. Science says you’re not.
        ETA: But your comments do have a “reasonable” vibe to them. Most transwomen who comment here are vile misogynists. You don’t appear to be one of those.

      • Jilldavidson, I’ve deleted your comment because it does not address any radical feminist arguments, and it epitomises trans-narcissim.

        Transwomen are men, aka members of the oppressor class. Being male, they (you) are unaware of their male privilege and mostly hate women.
        Therefore just as white people should not demand a platform on a blog which designed to be a safe space for black activists, transwomen, being male, have no platform on this blog, although I do let some through from time to time if they appear reasonable, or if I want to use their ridiculous comments to make a point…

  4. I am not very knowledgable about transwomen. Am I to understand that a man who has not undergone surgery to remove the penis and create a vagina as well as take a shitload of hormones is considered a transwoman? And that such people believe that they should be considered female? Can you give me any links about this so I can educate myself?

    I don’t expect to take up your time answering my 101 questions about this. Directions to sites that with the info, if you know any, would be much appreciated.


    • Any man who believes himself to be a woman is a “transwoman”. Penis or no penis. Hormones or no hormones.
      As a radical feminist, I believe that it’s women, and women alone, who get to define what a woman is, and thankfully we have science and hard evidence to back up our case.
      But because men are entitled pricks they have now decided that THEY get to decide what a woman is. And I find it very very irritating.


    • They call it the “trans umbrella” which refers to a motley crew of men, from those who just fetishize women’s subordination and get a sexual kick out of having breasts/wearing make-up, right through to men who are in denial about the fact they’re gay, or those who have what I call “failed masculinity syndrome”. They don’t measure up in the masculinity stakes, get bullied for it, and thereforey think they are women.
      Insulting to say the least.
      As if a woman is nothing more than a failed man.

  5. Just because “it is said” doesn’t make it true. And just because some transwomen say something in particular doesn’t mean that all transwomen think that way. Now, as a WOMAN of transsexual history, I don’t judge anyone based on mere appearance. I “size them up”, as any person would, to come to a conclusion on how to interact with them respectfully, but generally the only distinction I make in the way I introduce myself to someone is if they are as much of a metalhead as I am.

    That being said, I am not a shining example of uber-femininity. Sure, sometimes I like to do my make-up, but that’s not my way of saying that I’m “more real” than women who aren’t “feminine”. That’s just my way of… I just like make-up. Even so, 90% of the time, I just skip it.

    So, you go on to mention “free labor”. For the time being, I am a stay-at-home-mom, but that is only because that is what my family requires of me right now. I am currently studying to earn my Paramedic certification because I think riding around in an ambulance and cheating Death of a few souls a week is pretty fuckin’ metal. So, I guess I’m “embracing the lot of the oppressed”, but it’s not oppression to me. I do it because I love my family, and I want my kids to grow up to be the best people they can be. It’s been a very healing experience for me because I didn’t have that kind of support growing up.

    Then, you talk about men having no integrity. Why is it that radical feminists think so poorly of men? Do you truly think that all men believe and think the way that you’ve described in this blog post? That seems a bit sexist, don’t you think? I understand if you have problems with the things that men do to put you in a perpetual state of second-class citizen status, but to say that all men engage in acts and behaviors that demean women, or that simply by existing men destroy women, you are doing the very thing that you claim to be fighting against.

    I could go on and respond to the rest of your post, but I’ll summarize the rest. You speak in absolutes, and put people in boxes when humanity is so diverse and beautiful that one-size-fits-all labels cripple and destroy us as much as you claim men do to you. You preach a gospel of fear and loathing, and your liberation has nothing to do with smashing patriarchy, because the way you try to define me is patriarchal in it’s very nature. People are exciting based on their own merit. For example, everyone wanted to be my study buddy in A&P class when they found out that I could spell words like “dioxyribonucleic acid” without looking it up. And, in my composition classes, I was the one people went to to get their papers proofread because A) I knew what the fuck I was doing, and 2) I write “A” papers all the freakin’ time. So, the only thing that excites me about you is the fact that I get to tell you that you are wrong, and that you are engaging in some very Freudian defensive behaviors. Before you go to “penis envy”, let me clue you in by what I mean: you claim that only you, as a woman, can define what it means to be a woman, but then try to define transwomen by how exciting you think we’re not. In short, I fucking hate stereotypes, and you should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating them.

    • And your third paragraph made me vomit.
      That a man could steal the real life fucked up situation that women are put in as a result of the political system hanging over their heads, and minstrelize it by making out that he was pushed into that position himself…

      It’s akin to a white man going “Oh poor me, I got my hands all scratched in the cotton fields this morning. What? No, I don’T HAVE to pick cotton, don’t be silly, I do it because I identify as a black man inside.”

  6. It always interests me how individualised trans narratives are. No doubt if asked about this, at least some trans would claim coverage under the ‘personal is political’ banner that feminists developed.

    But here’s the thing – the personal is political was never really about the individual. It was about women getting together and discussing their experiences in order to find similarities. From those similarities, an analysis of the oppression of women as a class developed. Trans don’t – and can’t – take that second step. Because their class struggle (if it exists – the individualising thing again), whilst having some similarity and overlap with female experience, is not the same.

    That is not to say that all women and girls have exactly the same experiences – of course they don’t – of course there will be many variable factors like age, race, class, sexuality, whether single or partnered, whether a mother, etc. Women are a diverse group and that is not a problem – that is certainly not going to stop feminism. The more women who bring different perspectives on liberation the better. But that does not mean that non-women get to join just because they ‘feel like’ women or ‘don’t feel like men’ or whatever. And it also doesn’t mean that women can start talking any old toxic nonsense and call it feminism. Cos of that whole bit about liberation. Liberation from patriarchy. Liberation from slavery. Liberation from men. The personal is political was designed to facilitate critical understanding required for the liberation of women as a class. Nothing to do with one person’s fuzzy feelings, shoe shopping or patriarchally constructed and constrained choices.

    • Excellent point weirdward!
      Yes their narratives are personal and individualistic, which is why transwomen always appear so narcissistic. There is simply no political analysis behind their words at all.

    • And yes, the point of “the personal is political” was to show that women experienced shared oppression.
      Each individual rape or instance of wife-battery was part of a *pattern* .
      As were women’s so-called mental illnesses. It was ALL imposed on them by the system, rather than being an abherration, or the fault of the individual woman, which is what society was telling them.

  7. There is simply no political analysis behind their words at all

    No, noticably lacking. And a lot of the ‘narratives’ always strike me as being the sort of thing you would hear being spoken to a psychologist or some other type of medical meddler – ie they are designed to ‘prove’ to someone that the trans-ness exists. Highlights another aspect of the individualising as well, since the mental health professions love to focus on the individual and ‘fix’ him or her whilst ignoring the screwed society that is creating the problem in the first place.

  8. I do not accept trans as women. They are male women and we are female women. My way of saying it but I find it very clear.

    I want to look at Cherryblossom’s last paragraphs carefully. My examination including where it is critical is a movement of my respect. I like and value Cherryblossom’s writings enormously and these bits I examine make me THINK.

    CB: Women were not born to be penetrated.

    SM: True. FEMALES are born to be penetrated because femaleness is about fertility and that’s how we fertilise. Female human, female cat, female cow, horse, pig, elephant.
    Now I’m born female so that makes part of me designed to be penetrated. Fine. Just like outwardly I am a sex object, as my consort is too and so is every human I look at. But these are only PARTS of what I as a woman am.
    I’m female through and through but then I’m also a writer, artist, playful child, boss, cowardly wimp on some things and so on. A lot else other than female.
    So while biology says go on get penetrated – looka that across da street, wawrrrr! I can decide no I won’t. Even when it’s my beloved right there I can decide no because sometimes I’d rather have a cuppa tea or write something. Those decisions as well as the one that says yesssss are made by a woman.

    CB: [Women are not born … ] to serve men. That is not our raison d’etre.
    We were born to be free.
    SM: Right on sister.

    CB: Everybody knows this and that is why it takes such a sheer colossal effort to keep women down. Patriarchies have to pull out all the stops because they know that if they take their eyes off the ball for even a second, women will stop being oppressed and just walk away.
    SM: I wish! Sadly there are many many slave women who actually prefer being smaller, and as they fondly believe, safer. I have fought and fought to call slave women out of slavery but if someone really doesn’t want to be free you can’t make them. Freedom has to be freely chosen.
    The Japanese in WWII had researched the number of people (men) who will fight to be free. It’s around 5% – 1 in 20. They watched new prisoners in a holding camp. Then all the feisty ones were removed to a higher security camp with guards. The rest, 95% were left guarded by doddering elders and nothing else was needed.
    I haven’t noticed women are different.

    CB: And that’s part of the thrill of conquering a woman. A real woman. A witchy, bleeding, erratic, real woman.
    SM: Yes I always found that people attracted to me – a real woman, an erratic, feisty, forceful, thinking, laughing, sexy Witch – anyone who wanted me was actually unable to cope with me if they got to me. Men when I was younger either tried to dominate me or use me. To be honest most women were not much different. Being powerful just meant someone either clung like a dead weight or tried to conquer. Neither worked.
    The one who got the prize was a male – shock horror. We have fought bitterly – the first decade is the toughest – but I can honestly say he’s never limited my freedom as a woman.That has a lot to do with me being in my full power by the time he met me at almost 40. He has said openly he knew any games like that simply wouldnt work. Also as he freely admits he was well trained by another strong woman as my predecessor.

    CB: Men know their power over women is tenuous, but at that particular moment, the very moment they get a woman to love them, or sexually serve them in some way, they are reassured that they haven’t yet lost the war.
    SM: Yes I think that is true of the majority.
    It’s not what I see in my consort. That I love him and he knows it, makes him feel safe. Solid. Because a man is a fragile thing.
    He knows I’m there if he’s ill, unhappy or exhausted, as he is for me. He knows I don’t do infidelity not because I’m a wife (I’m not) but I find it too tacky and too complicated. I know he doesnt it’s just not his thing.
    He knows if he steps out of line he just doesn’t get near me, sexually or any other way. He knows I’ll lookn after him if he lacks anything ever but my money and my property is MINE.
    I have found a man can be childlike, tender, sensitive and deeply caring. Also ruthlessly aggressive (though not physically) and Ive learned to handle that by giving it straight back!
    I think this is an interesting background for our son. I’ve also seen how my handfasting can be an inspiration to younger women and men who want freedom.

    I too thought it just wasn’t possible. Love freedom and equality with a man. Then it just dumped itself on me without me ever looking for it. I NEVER wanted a man but I got one. Joke.
    So I know I “lie in the arms of the individual solution.” But it makes me stronger so I can do more.
    As a Radical Feminist I will never deny my truth. This is good wot I got. Just bloody sad it’s so rare. That makes me ANGRY.
    As Robin Morgan said in a similar situation – you find it complicated? Well so do we!

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