A pick me up

To any radfems who need a pick me up right now, here’s the vid of Susan Boyle’s crie de coeur, her big fuck you to the world. It never fails to put a smile on your face.

Representative of the scorned and despised older woman, still living in her childhood home in a Scottish village, her 91 year old mother having recently passed away, the unemployed 47 year old decided to smash the constraints imposed upon her by this patriarchal society of ours and go down fighting. Unmarried and never-been-kissed. Is this why her fire kept burning?



I dreamed a dream in time gone by

When hope was high And life worth living

I dreamed that love would never die

I dreamed that God would be forgiving

Then I was young and unafraid

And dreams were made and used and wasted

There was no ransom to be paid

No song unsung, no wine untasted
But the tigers come at night

With their voices soft as thunder

As they tear your hope apart

As they turn your dream to shame
And still I dream he’ll come to me

That we will live the years together

But there are dreams that cannot be

And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be

So different from this hell I’m living

So different now from what it seemed

Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.


16 thoughts on “A pick me up

  1. I will never forget how hateful and punishing the media was at the time she became famous. The way she judged was so painful to watch and read. I wonder what she’s doing now.

  2. when I saw her on the news singing this song I was not a feminist yet but I remember thinking she had such a positive energy and a strong pressence, it made my day because I thought she was just so integrous. I also felt sad when they started ”fixing” her looks, like her essence was ”gone”. Now as a radfem I can understand why. Fortunately, as Mary Daly would put it, Volcanic Dragonfire is never really gone, it just hides because it’s under attack so it becomes subliminal. But it is there.

  3. Thanks for the info!!
    Looks like she’s fully entered the patriarchal grind machine that is the music industry. I hope they won’t damage her beyond repair. Suicide, harassment, sexual violence and addiction rates are very high in there.

  4. They’re very skilled at exploiting vulnerable women who very often have suffered abuse in childhood and are longing for recognition. Looks like she was held partly captive all her life by her parents, that pretty much seems like abuse to me.

    • Yes, it does look like her parents gave her no freedom at all, and possibly expected her to care for them, being a girl/daughter and all.
      That this has been the fate of so many exuberant little girls sends chills down my spine.

  5. She has learning difficulties and her parents looked after her. I am sure I read that after her parents died, other relatives still came round to deal with bills and other stuff she couldn’t manage. Yes she has bought a big house, but she doesn’t live in it. She spends most of her time when not touring living in her small council house as she says she prefers it. She was pressurised to buy the big house by her management who were concerned about her security.

    • hi lesley,
      I don’t think anyone here was criticizing Susan Boyle for buying a big house!! What a strange notion! This is a radfem blog, and the radfem perspective on her purchase is to be thankful that there’s one less woman out there who needs to worry about losing the roof over her head!!
      Or buying some essentials.
      Or paying for adequate nursing care.
      Or affording some of the things that so many men take for granted as they age, such as having another human being “there” to nurse and care for you if you’re sick.

  6. I didn’t think for a minute that anyone was criticising her for buying a big house. I agree that it is great that one less women has to worry about finances. I actually meant that it is for her a more complicated situation than first appears. There have been critical articles in the press expressing concern about her ability to cope with what her management team are asking her to do.

    Although I think it is great that a woman who does not buy into looking traditionally feminine at least at the beginning, got this break and recognition.

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