Decisions, Decisions

So I quit my job.

Decisions, decisions. One man in the home, or lots of men in the workplace?  What is a girl to do?

One thing’s for sure, if you have to put up with one man in the home anyway (for whatever reason), then being offered the “option” of  also including a load of male superiors in your life isn’t always the better deal.

Let’s see:

Unfunny jokes about sexual harrassment? Check

Robbing my ideas and passing them off as his own? Check

Getting me to do work that’s in his job description while everyone think’s he’s going it (because he gets paid to do it, while I don’t)? Check

Sabotage: not giving me the correct information, and sometimes offering up wrong information? Check

The culprit’s superior agrees with you that the behaviour is unreasonable, at first, but then the next day does an about turn and suddenly you are the one with the problem for not trying hard enough to fit in and overcome the issues? Check

You go above that person’s head, to his superior, who goes for the option of pretending he can’t understand you? (Original, and can only be pulled off when the two people in question speak two different native languages) Check

Thankfully I have something else lined up. Unfortunately I’ve offered to stay until they find someone else. I’m professional like that.


7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Unfortunately what you have experienced Cherryblossom is not unusual because men who happen to hold superior positions in relation to women within the workplace, commonly exploit the female ‘underling’ by claiming her ideas/work are theirs and guess who takes the credit? Why the man of course. I speak from personal experience because for many years I worked for a male whose intelligence was way inferior to mine but he was very good at deception and always presented himself as ‘leader’ whereas I was the ‘difficult one!’ Situation was ended when I was made redundant and male loser (sic) went on to obtain better paid employment.

    But good news that you have something else lined up. Don’t tell your current employers because men are not to be trusted – they’ll knife a woman in the back simply because she has the misfortune (sic) not to be born default human – aka male!

  2. Thanks.
    The kicker is that the first guy I went to about it was honestly shocked that my superior was robbing my ideas and using my resources. But a day later he’d apparently changed his mind, and it turns out I was definitely to blame. THey’ve closed ranks.
    I’m worried about repercussions, but I’m glad I spotted the sabotage within a week of working there.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about that and hope you have better luck nex time! It’s striking that all women, feminist or not, are perfectly aware (and constantly scared) of this. I recently begun creating an association with a female fellow in our city and our direct superiors, who supervise our ideas and help us promote them, are 2 males and my friend is not a feminist but we both are aware that we must be careful not to get our ideas and merits stolen, we’ve talked about it several times. We simply can’t trust them, one seems more decent than the other, but deep down we both know we just can’t trust any of them and we have to be extremely self-protective.
    So every woman, from the most feminist to the most compliant one, knows what feminists expose about men and the system.

  4. I’m currently working in an all-female team, whereby using the advanced management principle of ‘Just Getting On With The Bloody Job’ we’ve managed to save the company approx £1.5m in unnecessary expenses. The other (all-male) team in the office have managed half that, and are now engaged in blocking, obstructing, insulting and generally preventing us from doing our own job. This is, you will note, in the middle of a recession, with redundancies taking place in the company left, right and centre. It’s absolutely astounding that in the current climate, their need to dominate us totally overrides the need to keep the company solvent so we can all keep our jobs. Management meanwhile have paid lip service to our acheivements as a team, whilst refusing to tackle the other team’s behaviour.

    Additionally we’ve just found out that the worst culprit in the team was being investigated for sexual harrassment in his previous job, so I’m sure we have that to look forward to as well.

    I’d question staying until they’ve found someone else though? If there is a contractual length of notice then fair enough, but you don’t owe them a second of your time beyond that.

    Hope the next job has fewer morons and better pay!

    • Hi reversemirror,
      you’re right. Their need to dominate and just “beat “women overrides absolutely everything else, especially common sense. I’ve accepted by now that men would rather blow up the planet with a nuke than allow women a modicum of power.

      I’ve actually been allowed to go. I had so much info on him that they’ve decided it’s best to quietly get rid of me in case I talk to others. He was that bad at his job that his superiors know they’re going to look bad if the big bosses find out. THey even tried bribing me with meals. And this is only connected to this guy’s incompetence. I mean this is even before we get to his creepiness, and tricking me into going for lunch with him by pretending the canteen wasn’t working that day, and all the other sexual harrassment shit.
      Being a radfem helped me work it all out. Most women are trained to take men on face value. Me? I’d clocked him within a week so he pulled out all the stops when it came to sabotaging me. Problem was (for him) that he ain’t too bright. And THAT makes me angry. That a thicko like him has got a good job.

      Anyway thanks, my new boss is a lovely woman. It’s twice the pay, but it’s not as permanent (just a summer job) but it will definitely look good on the CV.

  5. It does make me wonder what our species might have acheived by now if our Bold Stride into the Future wasn’t continually interrupted by men sticking their collective foot out and tripping women up. Good to hear you’ve found something better; items of good news are few and far between at the moment.

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