A four-leaf clover

My daughter found a four-leaf clover today, and was so excited about it.

It reminded me that nature doesn’t make mistakes. In nature there are simply variations of the norm.* The norm is a ball-park, it is not necessarily the way (in this case, the three-leaf clover) is supposed to turn out.

When I was pregnant with my children, I refused ultrasound scanning, because I was not going to abort the foetus if it didn’t fit the “norm”. I also knew that if there was a problem, no doctor could cure the baby in utero, and so I concluded that for me, this sort of meddling was completely pointless. Once I accepted that nature creates exceptions, has variations, and that this is okay, the majority of my pregnancy stress disappeared.

This concept is literally impossible for the patriarchal mind to fathom. The patriarchal mind (and the systems that support it) dictates that mother nature’s creations are  inherently faulty, and that men’s meddling can fix these mistakes. It also takes this theory further, saying that even if a person is born as close to perfect as is humanly possible, the body can still be improved upon by men. If a woman has small breasts, for example, she can be cured by having silicone implants inserted, which will make her appear more “normal”, i.e closer to the norm. This is all that beauty in a patriarchy is, after all: people desperate not to veer too far from the  dictated norms, knowing that there are consequences for being weak or different, or unusual, or a variant of what big brother tells us is okay.

Which brings me to the trans cult/ ideology, because the idea that a man who is uncomfortable in his own skin must have somehow been born “faulty” is the absolute epitome of a patriarchal mind. It assumes that a lack of integration between the body and the sense of self could not ever possibly have been caused by an oppressive society. A woman with small breasts cannot simply be the victim of draconian fashion dictates. No, the root of the problem must be mother nature herself… and luckily for us, we have men in white coats who can cure her mistakes, and save the day.

Except, not really.

 Mothers, for example, look at their m2F and F2M children and know, know, deep in the root of their being, that their child was born perfect. They can’t articulate their discomfort, do not understand why doctors are saying there is something wrong with their child’s body, or why their child is so unhappy. They have been told that an operation, and hormones willl make the problems disappear, and so they support their child in his/her decision. Because what else is a (uninformed) mother to do?

So I agree with Greer that, if it is anything, the concept of transsexualism is an exorcism of the mother. It’s the quintessential Blaming of the Mother for not producing a perfect, “normal” specimen. The mother accepts this blame and carries it on her shoulders. And the saddest part of all is that her instincts about her child are right. But how many women have been taught to bury their gut feeling and trust professionals instead?

*Although when man-made chemicals have leaked into the environment, it can lead to mutated genes, but we should bear in mind that this is not the fault of nature.


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  1. its a great point how the medicalization of trans affects mothers. as if we didnt have enough reasons to make trans a feminist issue, theres another one. pathologizing and treating very young children is extremely time consuming and stressful for the primary caretaker, this is always the case. mothers will have to deal with the fallout from this forever of course, and long after their children are out of the house, but of course trans insisting on BEHAVING STRANGELY often makes them unemployable and unable to take care of themselves. leaving the mothers to take on extended responsibility or extended guilt if they refuse. the look on cher’s face over the years whenever she would describe the situation with chaz resembled trying to swallow extremely bitter medicine, clearly regurgitating what the trans support groups and docs were telling her to help her cope (aka. to see the world through patriarchal eyes). it was heartbreaking, and cher has all the resources she needs where most mothers dont have any, and chaz wasnt pathologized as a young child either.

    if one wanted to be conspiratorial about it, once might suggest that the PURPOSE of medicalizing trans (or one of them) is to punish and torture mothers, and suck all their energy away. doctors are such pure, woman-hating evil, and medicine (esp psychology and gynecology) is literally institutionalized woman-hatred. this is a feminist issue. its stunning to me that the fun fems are consistently on the wrong side of this. do they literally never think of women? do they literally never consider how these things affect mothers? of course they dont, how silly of me.

    • I’ve followed the transition of one f2M on facebook. SHe’s SOOO young, in college, I think. She has already had her double mastectomy and is on T, and last time I looked she was stressing about how to pay for her hysterectomy.
      I doN’t know how the US insurance system works, but she has been mentioning her mother’s work insurance a lot, and has apparently been getting her “treatment” this way. Not to mention the fact that it was her mother caring for her after the mastectomy, driving her to and from the hospital etc, SUPPORTING her emotionally every step of the way.
      When she started talking about her hysterectomy I couldn’t stand it any more so I sent her a brief message telling her to “GOOGLE the effects of hysterectomy before you make this move”. (Menopause begins IMMEDIATELY after hysterectomy, and all the health ramifications that come with that, such as decreasd bone density, increased risk of osteoporosis etc.) She sent a reply telling me her doctors have reassured her that this was the right decision for her because her womb is rejecting the T (testosterone) and is trying to compensate by producing extra oestrogen. Maybe she should listen to what her womb is trying to tell her…
      The doctors have convinced her that it is a minor operation, (just remove this itty bitty female organ and all your problems will be solved) but in reality it’s not. You can barely walk for a short time aftewards. And it’s mom who’s going to suffer the fall-out.
      PLus, this op is not covered by her mom’s insurance, so she has now started asking people for donations… and I’m sure her mother is going to be the primary trustee.

      • Yes a hysterectomy is major surgery, so are any ops that involve that region – the recovery time is the same, you are medically signed off work for six weeks, there is no heavy lifting during that period, and for the first week or two all you can do is sit or lie around doing nothing much. And with any major surgery, there is always (albeit small) risk of death, but not uncommonly, post operative infection – which is even more frightening these days with antibiotic resistant infections in many hospitals.

        Removal of the uterus will likely affect your orgasms, so say goodbye to those really intense orgasms. Did the funfems forget this one in their trans supporting mode?

        Removal of both ovaries brings about instant menopause. This is particularly bad for women in their early and in regular fertility years – you body is thrown into cold turkey for estrogen withdrawal. Going through a natural menopause, although hormone levels go up and down, it is not this cold turkey thing. Normally a premature removal of the ovaries like this they put you onto HRT, which has its own problems and side effects. If you cannot take the contraceptive pill, you won’t be able to take HRT either (my body knows the difference between natural and synthetic hormones, refusing the latter). Post menopause the ovaries still produce a trickle amount of estrogen.

        Post menopausal women usually have weight gain for a number of years after menopause. Fat will store estrogen, and your body will pack on the fat in order to stockpile as much estrogen as it can get its hands on. This may also be why, in addition to the T, that women on T pack on the pounds (see Chaz as exhibit A on weight gain). So the medical advice given to the F2T may prove incorrect anyway, it won’t be just her ovaries fighting off the T, the rest of her body will desperately become a store for estrogen.

        Also, the endocrine system is incredibly complex, and modern medicine doesn’t fully understand all of the interactions. Many of the seemingly unrelated glands (ovaries, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenals) actually work with a feedback system between them. For example, high estrogen levels will block/reduce T3 levels, as the excess estrogen takes over the T3 receptors causing clinical hypothyroidism. Hormones really are complex in their interactions, and really shouldn’t be tampered with unless there is a fault with one/more of the glands in the system. This is of course, the other main reason why the trans thing is bad, and the medical establishment really should not be supporting it (I guess they took either the Hypothetical Oath or Hypocritical Oath?). Do no harm. All the medics treating trans are doing harm.

      • Thanks for the low down on the side effects, Squirrel. The young woman whose vlogs I followed for a short time didn’T have a fricken CLUE about these evil side effects.
        ANd what you say about her body continuing to fight the T after the hysterectomy is very interesting. Most doctors are quacks and are fairly ignorant about THEIR OWN FIELD. I learned this when I was pregnant and saw that regularly up-dated medical websites would offer faulty or outdated advice. Books written by midwives were so thorough and scientific by comparison.

        What you say about the feedback system sounds like a very woman-centric view of the body and health. It’s hard to explain what I mean, but there’s something so very male about believing that chopping out an organ won’t lead to repercussions for the rest of the body…
        or maybe these quacks do know, and they just hate women.

        “Removal of the uterus will likely affect your orgasms, so say goodbye to those really intense orgasms”

        Oh of course!!! They don’T advertise that do they??!!!

      • I’ve just gone and checked her vlogs (I haven’t seen them for 6 months).
        Well she’s had her hysterecomy, and she looks ILL. SHe is balding, her skin is grey, and she just doesn’t look healthy at all. She’s a twenty-something woman and she’s got the aura of a middle-aged man. it’s just awful. Awful.

        AND the pain on her ovary that made her want to have an ophorectomy (sp? have her ovaries removed) is still there, even though she doesn’t have ovaries any more. WTF? They told her that T creates ovarian cysts, so why is the pain still there, and getting worse? Is it a phantom pain, in the way that people can still feel a limb after they’ve lost it? Or did the docs fuck up and was there never a cyst all along?

        She also says that all the emotional turbulence she was experiencing over the past year, (the depression etc) has dissappeared now that her womb has gone. Well, yes that’s why doctors used to give hysterical women hysterectomies wasn’t it… in order to calm them down and turn them into husks so that they wouldn’t experience the type of powerful emotions that would lead them to ask questions about their circumstances.

      • They told her that T creates ovarian cysts

        I don’t know for sure, but I do not think so. Testosterone and estrogen are sort of opposites. Ovarian cysts create more estrogen (which is part of the problem with having a negative feedback loop with the T3). The thyroid-T3/hypothyroidism routinely cause problems with the ovarian cysts (it is a bit chicken-egg as to what starts it, excess estrogen or reduced T3). Given that no natural state exists being both estrogen dominant and testosterone dominate, I am going to guess and say they are just making shit up in order to con her into having the hysterectomy.

        Twenty years ago, with my ovarian cysts one (newly qualified endocrinologist) quack told me to “just remove my ovaries”. I refused, even though I did go into a premature menopause about five years later. After many years of having blood tests I noticed that every time I had ovarian cysts, I had low T3. This was dismissed at the time (you know, I was the hysterical patient that was clueless). But now, they have the estrogen/T3 receptor theory, and I guess they might have some clue now (if they can join the dots). Even though it had been documented for 30 years or more that ovarian cysts were a frequent symptom of hypothyroidism (which is how I figured out I was hypothyroidic). It seems that they can only figure out really simple cause and effect stuff, nothing too complicated.

        Well she’s had her hysterecomy, and she looks ILL. SHe is balding, her skin is grey, and she just doesn’t look healthy at all. She’s a twenty-something woman and she’s got the aura of a middle-aged man.

        That is so sad. Again, are these trans op quacks following the Hyperthetical Oath of “do no harm”? Her life is ruined, and probably cut prematurely too.

        The concept of tinkering with the endocrine system just for the hell of it is so very wrong. It is a bit like chopping off a healthy limb, replacing it with an artificial one, and expecting the artificial one to be just as good as a natural limb. It won’t be. It never will be. Synthetic hormones don’t work as well as what the body produces, and should only ever be used if one particular organ isn’t functioning correctly, a desperate measure in other words.

      • What you say about the feedback system sounds like a very woman-centric view of the body and health. It’s hard to explain what I mean, but there’s something so very male about believing that chopping out an organ won’t lead to repercussions for the rest of the body…
        or maybe these quacks do know, and they just hate women.

        I meant to respond to this, before I got waylaid in mega comments.

        As you get older, you tend to accept nature a lot more, and realise the futility in fighting it. And this was really the position of the wise women and healers I think, in the Burning Times – modern male medicine had to get rid of them. Male medicine wanted to slice, dice, and interfere with the natural body as much as possible, but the female elders and healers stood in the way.

        And in the 20thC, the male medical machine has gone into an absolute frenzy. Not only will they slice and dice at the slightest opportunity (some things that really didn’t need surgery), but now they slice and dice off healthy body parts and make a frankenstein version of sex(ual characteristics). I think it safe to say that male medicine has surpassed unsanity.

  2. using medicine sparingly, and only as a last resort, is apparently something most privileged fucking males have never had cause to know, and the young women who are transitioning are still too young to know. but we know. doctors hate women, and medicine and psychiatry are institutionalized woman-hatred. full stop. use them at your peril, and only if its something you cant fix yourself or through alternative channels (acupuncture etc) AND is something very serious that prevents you from performing major life tasks. ie. its debilitating. infections, hemmorhaging and broken bones are the ONLY exceptions i can think of, where you shouldnt try anything and everything FIRST. theres also JUST LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT, whatever “it” is, bc its better than the possible side-effects of treatment. its like these transitioners are mentally challenged in this area specifically and are using decidedly awful judgement…this is what swallowing patriarchal propaganda looks like. hook, line and sinker. burp!

    • and the young women who are transitioning are still too young to know. but we know. doctors hate women, and medicine and psychiatry are institutionalized woman-hatred. full stop.

      Yes indeed.

      I just started reading Janice Raymond’s Transsexual Empire (primarily I kept getting compared to her, and being labelled a Raymondite, yaddah yaddah). Anyway, she does question whether F2Ts are quite as common as stated:

      In my own interview sampling, I talked with only two female-to-constructed-male transsexuals. Often, when I was given a female-to-constructed-male contact, I had great difficulty finding the person. It is reasonable to speculate that the extreme difficulty I had in finding female-to-constructed-male transsexuals, plus the scant mention of them in the literature, may be indicative of the fact that there are fewer of them than are claimed.

      And I think she beautifully covers the tokenism of F2Ts. From pp26-27:

      Fourth, transsexual surgery is a creation of men, initially developed for men. The research and literature is overwhelmingly oriented to the male-to-constructedfemale transsexual and also overwhelmingly authored by
      men. I do not mean to say that women are not writing in the transsexual literature, are not working in the gender identity clinics, are not counseling transsexuals, or are not becoming transsexuals. It must be acknowledged that
      women are present in token proportions in all of these various areas. Many even happen to be in the foreground, directing gender identity clinics and co-authoring writings on the topic. However, I would suggest that those women who are engaged in transsexual legitimation, writing, and counseling are functioning as tokens who promote the illusion of comprehensive female inclusion. In this respect, they are like the well-publicized women who are always present in some way to validate male-defined realities. Women who write in support of transsexualism are usually co-authors (Anke Ehrhardt, Patricia Tucker), and female counselors of transsexuals are women who, for
      the most part, “assist” in the gender identity clinics. Thus the androcentric origin, control, maintenance, and legitimation of transsexualism becomes obscured. The fact that the overwhelming research interest, number of publications and medical state of the “art” are concerned with male-to-constructed-female transsexualism is also evidence of the male-centered nature of the transsexual phenomenon.

      The female-to-constructed-male transsexual is the token that saves face for the male “transsexual empire. ” She is the buffer zone who can be used to promote the universalist argument that transsexualism is a supposed “human” problem, not uniquely restricted to men. She is the living “proof” that some women supposedly want the same thing. However, “proof” wanes when it is observed that women were not the original nor are they the present
      agents of the process. Nor are the stereotypes of masculinity that a female-to-constructed-male transsexual incarnates products of a female-directed culture. Rather women have been assimilated into the transsexual world,
      as women are assimilated into other male-defined worlds, institutions, and roles, that is, on men’s terms, and thus as tokens.

      Hence, there will be a lot of pressure on young women to become F2Ts, young women who will not realise how much modern male medicine hates them and wants to destroy them. And Chaz aside, most F2Ts are young women in their late teens to mid-twenties.

    • its like these transitioners are mentally challenged in this area specifically and are using decidedly awful judgement…

      Actually, some are just plain old attention-junkies. Munchausen’s.

      When you look at them in terms of Munchausen’s, with all the repeat surgeries (esp the M2Ts), a lot of it makes sense. And you just have to see the way that some of them will detail every bit of their various surgeries (again, M2Ts).

      I do not think this is true for the most part for F2Ts, they are generally just young and really don’t know any better, as are most people under 30. And as I said in the above comment, I think YW are being pushed into F2T, to drive up the tokenism (to hide the male agenda) and probably also because they despise lesbians even more, as most are lesbian (as in “fuck you, if you won’t put your uterus into the service of patriarchy, we will fuck you up good and proper”)

      • That’s a REALLY good point squirrel! The more women there are who transition, the more the autogynephiles can pretend this is a human thing rather than a patriarchy thing.

        It reminds me of a health website, I actually think it was the NHS, which was going on about “sex therapy” for disabled patients. It turns out that they were hiring prostitutes for disabled “people”. And it mentioned briefly that disabled women also hired the services of male prostitutes.
        Well if the website says it’s so, then it must be true…
        But it’s highly unlikley that disabled women are spending their money on hiring a random MAN to come and sexually stimulate them… WHen women think of strange men, paid or not, our first thought is “Predator”.
        So the site was trying to justify the use of paying prostituted to “relieve” disabled men, by pretending it was all equal because women were also involved.

        ANyway, the F2T issue reminds me of this.

    • Absolutely. Remember I mentioned a while ago about my kitten jumping on the bed and giving me quite a serious eye injury.
      Well there was no way on earth I was going to present my eye to a doctor… so he could do what? X-ray me, tell me it was all fucked up inside, and was going to operate ON MY EYE??
      So I decided to let nature take its course. It got worse before it got better. I even started having pain in my BRAIN and was worried that an infection had spread, but I knew about referred pain, and that one nerve can make it appear as though pain is coming from somewhere else (this happens with teeth usually), so I figured the source of the pain was still my eye, but it was registering somewhere else.
      AANyway, today, 6 months, my eye is as bright and sparkly as it ever was. It has HEALED ITSELF. And I’m so happy. It means that ANYTHING the doctors would have done (even poking my eye to “have a proper look” would have counted as interferring.

      • A very sweet INdonesian friend of mine met me in the kindergartern playground last week and said she’d been trying to get in touch with me because the docs had wanted to operate on her but she’d wanted to chat to me first. I wasn’t around so things went ahead.
        ANyway, she had some sort of thyroid problem and they’ve only gone and SLIT her throat to fiddle about there inside. She has to wear polo necks to cover the scar. SHe said that she’d told the doc beforehand that she wanted to first try some herbs sent from INdonesia, but that he sneered at her and said “YOu’Re not God, you know”
        So she went ahead with the op, and it turns out the bacteria count in her blood is now WAY higher than it was before the operation. She has tried contacting this doctor but suddenly he seems to have dissappeared and she can’t contact him. He knows he’s fucked up. On HER body.

      • Hyperthyroidism is less common than hypothyroidism, and harder to manage. One of the most common treatments is the radioactive iodine which kills the thyroid gland, thereafter the patient is hypothyroid which is easier to manage.


        Thyroid problems run in families, but the weird thing is that a few will be hyper- and the rest hypothyroid within the same family. It is supposedly more common in females than in males, but in looking at my relatives it is a fairly even F/M split. But what I also noticed in my family, is that many have a milder form of hypothyroidism – but they still seem to be what I would call ‘carriers’ of the trait, and able to produce children with full-blown hypothyroidism. It is not an X-linked thing though, as it has passed from male to male, which is weird. That is ruling out environmental hypothyroidism though, which is usually in land-locked regions away from the sea. They always recommended iodised salt, but sea salt which you can now readily get is better. If you have very mild hypothyroidism, kelp tablets from the healthfood store should ease it*.

        But don’t get me started on their tests, their silly ‘normal ranges’, as most hypothyroid patients have the condition for many years before being officially recognised as such. It may be better now that they do Total T3 and Free T3 tests, but they don’t always do the full work up. After many years of blood tests I found that my normal, where I felt well and symptom free, was actually at the very top end of the ‘normal range’.

        In the case of the woman who had the botched op (assuming they took only part of the gland?), I wonder if, now that they know about the estogen/T3 receptors, whether treatment with estrogen would bring an overactive thyroid under control? The thyroid problem was why I could never take the OCP, even though I was not diagnosed for another 5-10 years later.

        *Although the following site disagrees somewhat, kelp tablets did ease my symptoms for a while. Note in the first one they too have a go at the normal ranges of the thyroid function tests – hey I’m not the only one!

        Interestingly, for many years they used to label or assume that most cases of hypothyroidism were Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune response where the body gets a bit gung-ho and attacking thyroid hormones), but I know that mine is definitely a receptor problem, from the way it has behaved over the years, in which case free-T3 would be high, giving a false positive of normal. The problem is that it is not bound or utilised, because greedy estrogen is hogging the receptors. The basic test is just T3, T4, (and sometimes) TFT levels, which is utterly useless. You need the Total and Free levels done as well, and for females, I recommend estrogen levels monitored at the same time.

  3. A few days ago I had a conversation with a guy who somehow implied that he thought that ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS, all of us, everywhere in the planet and always, were or should be on the pill. I still want to cry when I think of what he was implying (that 1. women must always be sexually available of course and our bodies getting pregnant is an obstacle to that because our biology is so inconvenient and stupid and 2. that our natural cycles are WRONG and they need to be regulated artificially, and obviously he didn’t know anything about the harms of the pill… or didn’t give a shit). He also dared to say that condoms are a feminazi invention. He did say that. Not to be genocidal here, but Mary Daly was right when she said many males deserve to be annihilated from the face of Earth. I’m serious.

    Also comes to mind that a few years ago when I was 17 I went to a doctor bc I had back pain due to muscle contractures and he informed me that it was probably due to anxiety and stress and sent me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist (a woman) prescribed me drugs for my brain with terrible side effects, because what’s better than putting a 17-year-old girl on drugs just because she has muscle contractures on her back? I didn’t take the meds or anything, I thought they both were delusional and not me (reminds me of all the medical atrocities and women being put on drugs in the XIXth century due to Freudian ”female hysteria”).

    And Cherryblossomlife, that last story has scared me, I also have thyroid problems.

    • That is a disgusting point of view. The side-effects of the pill are ugly.

      I too had a conversation with a guy the other day (AND YES IT IS COMPLETELY AGAINST MY PRINCIPLES TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH GUYS, for obvious reasons, but this was a rare exception) who honestly did not realize why/how sex could be problematic for women, but not for men. Then again, lots of women think PIV can be “equal” if you will it to be so…
      [but we should definitely stop having conversations with guys. IT’s groundhog day)

      Don’t worry about the thyroid story tiamathydra. I told my INdonesian friend that she can’T change what has happened, but to NEVER trust doctors again. To always have a healthy distrust of anything they say, and never to be afraid to say, “no, thank you” or “Thanks,, I’ll get a second opinion”. Just research what you need to know. It gets easier the more you do it. I had to do it a lot to fight for my intervention-free childbirths.
      The idea that doctors don’t know what they’re doing is not paranoia. I heard the most ridiculous, out-dated, scientifically incorrect opinions come out of the mouths of medics when I was pregnant with my kids.

      • Modern doctors have what I call “earth is flat” syndrome. They will swear black and blue that the world is flat, no discussion is to be entered into, and you could not possibly know anything better than they could. It is pure arrogance that they think they know everything, have the final word on everything.

        CBL, I have a comment in mod/spam, if you would please rescue!

      • I have also decided that will be the last serious conversation I have with a guy… they don’t deserve our energy and that’s a form of taking it, by not recognizing that we live under a world order of terror. Not having your suffering validated is mental torture and that’s what they do to us, so I’m fed up with that.

        Ok I won’t worry, even though I’d already noticed in my visits to endocrinologists for my thyroid problem, that they don’t have a clue, and I’ve always had a feeling that they know (and care) much less about women’s bodies and health than men’s. In eastern Spain where I’m from, there used to be a reputation that we had the best doctors in Europe and people from the UK used to come here to take surgeries bc they said they treated patients with more respect without objectifying them etc., there were even some relatively good gynecologists for what gynecology is, but with the recession and career restrictions (and migration of professionals to northern Europe due to unemployment bc a speculative bubble exploded and then came the recession so 80% of young adults here are unemployed), the medical institutions are turning more into crap than they were, and to make things worse, increasingly privatized, so going to the doctor is increasingly a loss of time and money. Nowadays the only doctor I trust is my general doctor from my town who recommended me homeopathy instead of psychiatric drugs and has some knowledge of alternative medicine and midwifery, but that’s it – I often find old village/town doctors to have more ancient knowledge of the body and more respect for it than modern doctors. But yes, most of them I don’t really trust them. I also have a friend who’s recently started working as a dentist and she says the medical institutions are a mafia and don’t mind to fuck up people’s health in order to make money.

    • yes, the dentist is another one. I had a bad experience here with someone I NOW recognize as a sadist. I went for a few treatments after he set out this big elaborate plan of what he wanted to do with my teeth (expecting me to pay for it all). I was only 24 so didn’t really know how things worked then. Needless to say I realized something wasn’t right, and stopped going.7 years later my teeth are absolutely fine, and I never visit the dentist, but unfortunately I did let that man carry out a completely uneccessay “jaw realignment” Totally totally unecessary and has caused problems for me since… ANyway, I’ve learned the hard way.

      • LOL, yeah, dentists. Always coming up with these Grand Plans that involve many thousands of dollars. And I hate the way they insist on an x-ray for each “first visit”. I have had some bad dentistry in my time – the worst part is that you cannot tell until AFTER they have done the work, and then only sometimes many years after.

        The Golden Rule applies to dentists too – don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

  4. by the way thanks for the information! what I suffer is hypo, but I know a woman who suffered from hyper and yes, they made her transition into hypo which is easier to deal with, but it’s harm reduction obviously. I’ve had thyroid problems for a long time before discovering them because I’ve got nodules on my thyroid so that’s why they want me to take the hormones -but they’ll end up killing my thyroid so I don’t know what’s better. I’ll try to find the kelpt tablets. Thanks.

    • I am not aware of taking T3/T4 as having any long term harm on the gland. But I do recommend going onto it if your situation is bad enough (you have to phase into it over a few weeks).

      One of the major things that will affect your thyroid condition is STRESS – that is the biggie.

      • Thanks for the help, I’ve been taking the thyroxine for 5 years and I’m ok, but they’ve told me probably some time in the future they could end up taking my thyroid away, hope it doesn’t happen.

      • It could be that you need T3 as well as T4, as the ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle. Your gland will swell if it is over or under – I am not sure about the nodules – but it is probably worth introducing T3 and see if it settles down – this is much less invasive than removing it. They are too quick to hack out body parts when they deem them useless. Generally, even if not functioning to optimum, the body part will still be partially doing its job, it just needs some help.

      • I will ask for a more complete analysis to see if I’m missing any of those. The nodules apparently have been there since childhood so all they can do is try to reduce them with the hormones. Thanks.

      • Autopsy studies have revealed that up to 50% of all adults die carrying at least one thyroid nodule. These people may or may not have been aware of the presence of their thyroid nodules.

        So really, sounds like nothing to be concerned about, and 95% of ‘nodules found’ are benign. I would think, get them scanned, then scanned again 6-12 months later. If no real change (like none of them are growing bigger, and there are just more little ones) then leave them alone. The docs just seem too keen to operate.

      • Well, with any condition, best advice is to research it yourself, either books or the web, as well as try a variety of things to find what works in your specific case (for example, not everything will work on everybody, bodies are unique like that, as well as other conditions that may be affected – like taking red clover for menopause, you shouldn’t if you are hypothyroid (phytoestrogens)).

        So read, read, read!
        And obviously work from the least invasive/dramatic first.

  5. Exactly, radfem help about health is rare, so thank you one more time! I will read about it, and I don’t support invasive or dramatic treatments or surgeries either, so I’m probably not gonna agree to them unless they tell me I’m gonna die lol. My nodules are benign and I get them scanned every year so I guess they’ll be ok. I didn’t know that about red clover, I’ll take it in consideration.

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