Short post: trans update

Here’s  a new one for you.

Having now lived almost a decade in a non-English speaking country I never pretend that my English is excellent, (my Japanese, on the other hand, is pretty good. )

But what I’m getting a lot of this week is trans activists commenting– and opting to attack my spelling.

Coz that means they’ve won [so ner ner ner ner ner  to me I guess?]

As usual, no engagement with the topic, no addressing the issue. I mean, really, when you’ve been reduced to nit-picking at somebody’s spelling, it’s a sign that you’ve lost the argument.

But what other methods do trans activists employ in order to “win” the discussion without actually putting forward a logical argument? Let’s see…Glitter bombing old women? YES! WIN!  Screeching “transphobic” when presented with science? YES! DOUBLE WIN!. Stating that women don’t exist? A DEFINITE WIN HERE.

Okay, you win. [ gentle pat on the head]

Dear trans activists: before you take it upon yourselves to criticize my English, allow me to test your Japanese…


6 thoughts on “Short post: trans update

  1. Tranz supporters are just as bad. Had one the other day tick me off for quote marks (it was on facebook, cannot use italic or bold). In the end, they reported the thread (not mine) to facebook for being ‘transphobic’. A rather pathetic effort overall. Every day they prove more and more how weak their arguments are by resorting to such tactics.

  2. It just goes to show how low Trans will go.They will use every tactic to silence and erase one and community. It’s pathetic that they can’t come up with a logical argument or prove their theory. It’s why when you counter them with reality and scientific facts, they lash out and call anyone ‘transphobic’ because it challenges their reality.

  3. Validity, facts, reality, evidence, justification – all these things are irrelevant to the trans movement, although they predictably use shady science for their “female”/”male” brain rants. Because that makes them look smart! Yay for strategy! What they’ve really done lately is grab people by the reins by playing on *emotions*, as in “OMG you are so MEAN and HATEFUL for saying that to me!! You should FEEL BAD for trying to tell me I don’t have a valid point, because that makes *me* FEEL BAD because you are a woman and women (the real kind) are supposed to make men (like me) FEEL GOOD! Don’t ya get it yet? OMG!!”

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