Post Xmas musings

Father Christmas and god are the same, innit…

Women create life, and everyone pretends that a fairy man in the sky does.

Women organise Xmas for the kids, and everyone pretends a man who flies in the sky with reindeers does…

Patriarchy is so monotonous.


7 thoughts on “Post Xmas musings

  1. VERY true, particularly about women organizing Christmas. I found that out this year. Women cook, shop, clean, wrap, and stress, while men watch football and play video games.

  2. So true Cherry, it annoys the hell out of me. Winter celebrations are primarily for children, and along with the christmas pudding, we spoon feed them male supremacy in the form of Santa and Jesus! Simultaneously, we denigrate our own work in making the goodies of the festival, and credit it to Santa.

    That is why I put up goddess alternatives every year, because I think it gives women new/old, female positive ways, to present the festival to children.

  3. Women create a world. Men just sleep in it. If you notice there is very little life in the male at all, very little living and life bringing. Perhaps there is a way to measure life, then we will have discovered men’s problem.

  4. of course we have to spend most of our time discovering men’s problems and correcting men’s diseases it is surprising that any good work gets done and any world is created at all.

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