Amnesty TV: Global human rights show produced by 11 white men and no women

Just seen this at Bidisha’s

This is an extract from her article on this outrage.

Amnesty TV, what the hell do you think you’re doing? You have created a white men’s club that has the temerity, with its collective background in puerile, sniggering light entertainment, to try to say anything at all about global human rights abuses. These human rights abuses are suffered by boys, girls, men and women; but women additionally suffer from an underlying and ubiquitous lack of respect, position and regard in societies, cultures and nation-states all over the world including this one. It is standard, all over the world, to ignore and belittle women, to mock women, to objectify women, to be snide about women, to abuse and betray women, to exploit women’s labour, to outwardly say all the right things but actually behave as though women are not important and don’t exist. It is standard to withhold power from women. It is standard all over the world to ensure that even when women are a part of working life, all the benefits of accreditation, profit, association, fame, success and integration into the dominant power structure go to men. Women’s rights are not just about protection from the grossest abuses possible or acknowledging women only in relation to men’s oppression and marginalisation of us; indeed, Amnesty TV have perpetrated yet more of that marginalisation, in true crass telly industry style. Women’s rights are also about acknowledging and valuing women’s potential and creativity in every part of life, in every industry, in every culture, in every country and in every project.

After printing her article on this topic she received an e-mail from one of those 11 white guys asking if she’d like to “propose” a story.

“Funnily enough, because of the 11 white men, 0 women Amnesty TV production team, I do not want “to propose” “some stories” even though they “would be more than happy to discuss” as I do not grovel to men’s clubs. It is a demeaning waste of time. I work with men and with women whose existing track record demonstrates that when they are given an opportunity to create a team, they do not immediately pass all the power amongst 11 white men, none of whom have any background in global humans rights issues, activism, diversity or campaigning.

Anyone curious yet as to the backgrounds of these 11 men who are deemed qualified to lead discussions on human rights?

“This, with no editorialisation, using information from the press release, is the permanent production team behind Amnesty TV:

Mike Bradley, former producer and director at Charlie Brooker’s News Wipe and Screen Wipe

Iain Morris, co-creator of the Inbetweeners

Neil Boorman, creator of C4 show Shoreditch Twat

Comic-strip creators Modern Toss, aka John Link and Mick Bunnage

Chris Atkins, writer and director of Taking Liberties and Starsuckers

cartoonist Robert Thompson

Writer/director duo Misery Bear, two men called Chris Hayward and Nat Saunders

Illustrator Anthony Burrill

Tally: 10 white men, 0 women.

Their human rights issues experience, gleaned from News Wipe, Screen Wipe, The Inbetweeners, Shoreditch Twat, Modern Toss, Misery Bear and Starsuckers: none.

Geez, if that’s not enough evidence that men get handed their positions of power on a plate because of their gentalia as opposed to their experience then I don’t know what is.

How can they look at themselves in the mirror knowing that the only reason they got their jobs was because they have a penis.

And I might have read it wrong, but I think Bidisha has recently lost her job for standing up for women too often over the course of her career.

Bidisha, we love you. Never give in!


11 thoughts on “Amnesty TV: Global human rights show produced by 11 white men and no women

  1. Geez, if that’s not enough evidence that men get handed their positions of power on a plate because of their gentalia as opposed to their experience then I don’t know what is.


    The thing of it is, most of the supporters of Amnesty Int’l that I know are female. Yet another org that has women running around on the lower rungs I guess, whilst the paid jobbies go to… menz.

    • I’ll never forget the day I saw the head of a charity being interviewed on TV when I was a teenager. I was surprised that he was a man because I’D always thought working for charities was women’s work. Then later when I was looking for work I noticed the enormous salaries that the heads of charities get and it all began to make sense.
      Women get to work in the Oxfam shops; men earn the big bucks. At a charity 😯

      • Women do the majority of unpaid work for all charities (it is an anomaly for a males to do unpaid work). And somehow the dudes get put into the top charity jobs – never promoted up through the ranks, they are usually from the commercial sector.

        It’s the charity glass ceiling.

      • I just read Bidisha’s full article, and noticed that she too pointed out the ‘new boys’ network’ and ‘buddy buddy system’.

        Amnesty TV has changed nothing and is a smack in the face for all activists and human rights workers, many of whom are women and nonwhite. As usual, the women work hard for free and the white men get a cushy job with their ‘mates’ (that dreadful disingenuous word: it means ‘other members of the patriarchy’) for a nice bit of dosh or at least a CV gold star. Amnesty TV could have overturned so many longstanding traditions regarding the way TV is made, how human rights issues are presented and how global themes are seen by national audiences. Instead, it was jobs-for-the-boys all the way. It has taken its budget and the excellent reputation and career perks that will follow from such a prestigious assignment and given them to a white men’s club whose past work demonstrates no interest at all in any kind of diversity, equality, internationalism or progressiveness.

        Yes, it works that way in the media and TV, and this is primarily where these 11 white dudes are from – they would not have noticed anything wrong at all.

  2. I’ve long known Amnesty International is not a human rights organisation or rather it is Men’s Human Rights Organisation – because women don’t exist do we??

    I will not promote AI under any circumstances because of their embedded misogyny. This is only one in a catalogue of white male myopia and there’s no excuse unless of course one views the world as containing males and it is males alone who supposedly ensure humans do not become extinct!

    Herstory has innumerable accounts of men’s tunnel vision and their litany of excuses and denials. That’s how male supremacist/patriarchal system operates – by having a boys only club!

  3. Reading this, I ponder what would happen if women stopped volunteering and giving money to all these patriarchal/supremacist organizations and started giving time/money to women’s organizations? It is horrid the way we are used by them, isn’t it?

    • Patriarchy depends on the energy and labour of women in order to carry out its destruction. Men are parasites. We need to withdraw our energy from them in as many ways we can.

      Today I spent the entire day at a glorious secret cove by the river that I found recently. I took my friend and our kids. We didn’t give a penny to any male-owned business–not a coffee shop or any of men’s shit eternainments that are on offer for kids. Just nature. I’m withdrawing my energy from the machine in as many ways as I can.

      • Very true, most charities rely on the unpaid labour of women (whilst the few paid positions at the top are frequently held by men – men are at least largely absent from the ranks of unpaid volunteers).

        Women’s charities (like DV shelters, rape crisis centres) always struggle to get donations.

        In preference, always give our scant funds (and/or time) to women-led or women-focused charities – they need the support.

        It is time that women woke up to the con-game going on with unpaid community work (run by men).

        If every woman withdrew their unpaid support even from individual men, it would likely destabilise their powerbase.

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