The Perpetual State of War that is Patriarchy

A woman lays down flowers for the victims

Link to an article of mine on the Norwegian massacre at Radfem HUb


11 thoughts on “The Perpetual State of War that is Patriarchy

  1. Great post CBL, so on point.

    What was bugging me when I kept hearing the radio news were things like the police spokesman that seemed more thrilled that the perp was one likely to freely talk about his motivations.

    What was missing from the news was sincere condemnation of the perp’s actions (not the politician condemnation-speak) but real genuine condemnation. Because true condemnation would not hold any fascination for this dude at all, he is one of many mass/spree murderers, they should ridicule him in a way that undermines his part in the patriarchy continuum. And as you say, the meeja totally refuse to see the “pattern” that is these spree killers, MALE.

    The only way to stop these spree killings is to tie up the perp in the town square, strip him naked, humiliate him, throw rotten fruit at him, then shoot him in the head. No drawn out trial where he gets a platform and fame, just humiliation then death. Future spree killers will know that they won’t be revered, or the subject of study and fascination. Under current treatment by the meeja and authorities, these events will repeat and repeat. I have absolutely no fascination for the perp’s political views, none whatsoever. Shoot him like a rabid dog that he is. That is the message.

    • “The only way to stop these spree killings is to tie up the perp in the town square, strip him naked, humiliate him, throw rotten fruit at him, then shoot him in the head.”

      You are so right.

      I’ve just posted this on Mumsnet.

      Give this man to the mothers of the teenagers who were killed and let’s see what happens to him then. BUt no. We’re not allowed. We have to let him go through the courts, courts where men get let off for violent crimes such as murder all the time. The average sentence for a wife-murderer in the UK is 4 years > The average sentence for a rape is,.. oh wait, most rapes aren’t even reported

      • The cops, the courts, the meeja, all indulge these dudes – and it only encourages more to follow in their footsteps.

        Yeah, the mothers of the murdered should be chucking stuff at his naked body and laughing at his penis. How many would follow in his footsteps if that was the known punishment?

        And for the cowards that off themselves after their spree, still strip him naked, tie him up in the town square and throw rotten fruit at him – filmed for youtube. Never name them. Never be fascinated by ‘their motives’. Humiliation, that is their ‘reward’.

        I don’t know any one affected by this, but I want to kill him myself. He is pure scum.

  2. They are warped. Males think that political philosophy trumps it all. Their minds go into some sort of a weird and deadly feedback loop where they have to win, they have to lead some bullshit political movement. They are more than happy to kill innocent children. This happened in Oklahoma city, too.

    I think that rather than giving their political philosophy a hearing, a public hearing and they get to be a hero to those who are as warped as they are, we should mock the politics and the person that will do something like this. Children, for God’s sake! Who would kill children in order to score political with some bullshit people who are as warped as they are.

    Make them look pathetic and ridiculous, don’t give their power plays any credibility.

  3. The men who do this should be deprived of the publicity, it just feeds their fantasist delusions. Headlines should read “some pathetic loser man” and then move on to another story. But currently, he will be delighted with the wall to wall coverage – and now he has the Police running about looking for his (most probably) fictious friends as well.

    No suprise he is a misogynist. The same misogynistic bullshit spouted by right, left and mainstream men. They don’t disagree with his misogyny, so mostly it will be glossed over, and they won’t admit that it is fundamental to his behaviour. Instead we get all the handwringing about what special mystery or insight is needed into this “lone-wolf one of a kind how can we possibly understand him he is not like us good men at all”.

  4. Diddums, he’s a “poor widdle rich boy”

    It also emerged that when he was only just into his teens, he began pumping iron and confiding in friends he wanted to be rich and famous.

    By his early 20s, the middle-class son of a wealthy diplomat had however lost a small fortune on doomed stocks and shares investments – a reputed two million krona, equivalent to about £220,000. Yesterday it transpired that vain Breivik had plastic surgery in a desperate bid to attract a girlfriend – but it failed miserably.

    Entitled prick is more like it.

  5. I read something recently about how many of these high profile political killers are “poor little rich boys” aka entitled pricks. The are involved in politics/wars and not much is ever made of their sex or of their privilege. They are all “deranged” and “exceptions.” Here are a few.

    This Norwegian guy

    Osama bin Laden – second most powerful Saudi family, regularly hobnobbed with the Bush family.

    Hinckley – knew the Bush family, rich

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Underwear bomber ) top financial powerful family in Africa

    I googled it and found this story on Newsweek, with more on the list.

    It just goes to show that being male and being rich/powerful just makes them more dangerous. (One woman on the Newsweek list, who joined the Weather Underground, so males were involved there, who knows the backstory)

    Of course, that doesn’t include all the women they rape and/or murder, and get away with. That list would be too large to imagine, and likely never get published anyway.

  6. They (well at least his lawyer) is trying to write off ‘this norwegian guy’ as insane etc.

    Hell no, he is functionaling perfectly under patriarchy. But patriarchy just want to distance themselves from the footsoldiers. Tuff shit, we see through that.

    If this footsoldier wasn’t doing what he is supposed to, with more to follow, why the inane fascination with his “motivations”. Who really gives a shit with his “motivations”, shoot him dead, after some public humiliation. I don’t give a fuck what his “motivations” are at all.

    The meeja, the cops, everyone, should just stop fawning over his every syllable. Which boils down to “poor privileged little rich white boy, can’t get girlfriend-stroke-doormat, takes it out on others claiming it to be some highbrow political motive. Don’t give a damn.

    Oh, and I will take the meeja out the back to be shot after norwegian guy. Teh meeja are just encouraging the next crop of entitled dudes to wreck havoc.

  7. I love reading your posts on this Fab and KatieS

    My only hope is that women start discussing these things online. IN the past women have been kept separate and unable to compare notes,

    Here is Lucky’s fantastic quote:

    “Let’s call it what it is. White male supremacy. But this dude is hardly an aberration, despite the media’s attempts to pass him off as a lone, crazed individual, as they always do. The Inquisition was not an aberration. The Crusades were not an aberration. The Nazis were not an aberration. Bosnia was not an aberration. The witch hunts were not an aberration. The Montreal Massacre was not an aberration. The Amish School shooting was not an aberration. The Luby’s Cafeteria massacre was not aberration. The KKK is not an aberration. The Roman, British and Spanish Empires were not aberrations. And neither are the wars in the Middle East. Cripes, how many aberrations do we need before we get that it’s not an aberration? And that white and other male supremacists come a dime a dozen? And how methodical and systematic their extermination is, whether it be by political, economic, religious or military means, or like this dude, just plain old guerrilla warfare? I mean, there’s a woman beaten every 9 seconds, raped every minute, and murdered every 15 minutes in the U.S. Is that an aberration too? Cripes, if it were any other group of people, we’d call it a holocaust. At what point does the media and we, as a society ask, “What is wrong with men?!” instead of pretending like it’s some sort of aberration?

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