The Bloggess

OMG, The Bloggess is funny.

She doesn’t identify as a feminist, as far as I know, least of all a radfem, but I had to weave her into a blog post somehow.. because I’m ever so slightly infatuated with her.

So, (scraping the bottom of the barrel here)… I’ve decided  it’s okay to croon over her on a radfem blog …because… she takes her writing seriously, she is hilarious; hilarious I tell you..umm…she takes the piss out of her Nigel on-blog; she likes women; she’s witty, unconventional and clever…

Enough of the preamble. CHECK OUT THIS POst:  And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.


10 thoughts on “The Bloggess

  1. A lot of stuff, will check it out more later.
    I see that giant metal chickens seem to be a bit of a theme!
    If we cross those with our killer-chickens, I reckon we could have patriarchy beaten in a few weeks. Dun talkin’. Want lethal chicken action.

  2. Laughing so hard wiping tears off keyboard.

    That’s the funniest story. I haven’t read the blog through but I’d bet there’s more where that came from.

    “Chicken Down”. LOL

  3. Oh Cherry!! She’s also got a princess fairy tale at Good Mom/Bad Mom.

    Thanks for the best morning I’ve had in weeks. Feeling grande now.

  4. Hard to pick just one phrase or aspect. I was alternately choking on laughter and loving that a woman with this talent does indeed have paying gigs. See at her About page.

    The literary device girlfriend !!

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