A tour through the NHS guide for Gender Variant People and The Tale of my Legs

The Tale of my Legs

 I am really angry at the whole trans pretence today.

 I invited a foreign guest with me to the hot springs.  I never shave my legs (or anywhere else for that matter) but as I was walking out the door to meet her, I thought to meself, 
Shit, but what if she’s really conservative?
and the good angel on my shoulder whispered,
Who cares, she won’t even notice your legs
But Bad Angel interjected with,
Can you be bothered with the hassle of it?”
And I realized, right at that moment, right then, that today I couldn’t be bothered.

With the hassle of someone “noticing” my unshaved legs.

Risking someone commenting on my legs when I’m not in the right frame of mind to deal with it is more of a hassle than the hassle of shaving.

I was already late to meet her and what did I do?  I threw down my bag and dutifully trotted off to the bathroom.

I found a razor and began shaving. Have I mentioned I was in a hurry? Well anyway … guess what? I cut myself. Many times. And when you cut yourself shaving you don’t notice until afterwards when the pain hits you. So there I was, in a hurry, trying to rush out of the door to meet my guest on time and dripping blood around the house. ( I didn’t cave into “dealing with” my “bikini line”, but that’s beside the point, and it really REALLY hurts if you mess up there, with all the in-growing hairs and what-not)

At that moment, I just thought FUCK YOU trans women, for making my oppression into a FUCKING joke, a fetish.

God, I’m angry.

God I feel better now.

Thank you.
As you were.

A tour through the NHS Guide for Gender Variant people

Have you ever noticed how in all official documents men come first and women second.

As in:

–Are you: Male     Female?

–his and hers

—he or she will be required to attend…


Well if it still wasn’t apparent that M2T are still men then check out the NHS guide to Gender variant people.

For the first time in my entire fucking life ever, I saw women come first on an official document

On Page 7:

4 General notes for the treatment of trans women and trans men

OH. the. RAGE.

Trans women– teh menz — XY people– STILL get the first mention as members of the privileged class even as they’re appropriating the word “women.”

Can you imagine the bros sitting round mulling it over:

-What about Trans men…?

— ah, we’ll just stick them at the back of the bus, stick them on the pamphlet as an afterthought;

—  do we even have to let them transition at all? WOmen had to fight us for a hundred years for the vote so we’d be letting the side down if we just GAVE them something. Let’s be honest here, the only reason we let anyone have a sex-I-mean-gender change at all is because XY males want to.

— pain in the arse. But it would get rid of a few lesbians and butch women 

== jolly good,  yes we’ll let them through provided they get sterilized and their breasts hacked off. Ok? 

—Good. But shit trans men are now called men which means they’ll be elevated above XY people thereby disturbing the natural order of XY dominance XX submission

— well we don’t have to take trans men seriously, they’re only women. But better add them. Their bloody whining will give us a headache if we don’t.

–rightio. Will do.

No. I can’t imagine it either. Did this conversation even take place? Did the person who drew up the pamphlet just assume that trans women would come first?

If anyone really thought trans women were women nobody would give them the time of day.

Just like real women.

In the very SAME document, on page 10:

“The assessment may be carried out by the GP if he or she feels competent to undertake it.”

Why the switch hmmm? I thought this was a progressive paper, that we had arrived at the revolution. That from now on female pronouns would be used first, just like the word “women” has substituted “men”.

Ooohhhhh. It’s only when the article refers to trans women that women get to go first.

 I see.

For the rest of the article (except when it refers to real women) trans women’s needs are outlined first and then trans men’s are stuffed in afterwards.

During the initial period of living in the new role, other interventions and
treatments may continue.
• For trans women there is speech and language therapy (this can be initiated at
any time), facial and body hair removal, thyroid chondroplasty (frequently
described by trans people as ‘tracheal shave’) and sometimes breast
augmentation (although this should not be undertaken until the individual has
been on oestrogen for about two years). Occasionally, facial feminising surgery
(rhinoplasty, for example) is undertaken by trans women.
• Many trans men find that the most important treatment for them, in the early
stages, is the surgical reconstruction of the chest. Living as a man with heavy
breasts is virtually impossible and the change of gender role is not regarded by
many clinicians as an absolute requirement prior to chest surgery.16 Breast
binders can be worn for a short while, but they may cause back problems and
possibly also distort breast tissue, which may make the final surgical outcome
less successful..

 And the pattern ( of putting XY-male-trans-women first and XX-female-trans-men) second continues throughout the pamphlet.

But my absolute favourite part  was the bit where hormone blockers were recommended for children

Interventions for gender variant children and young people

Where the service user is a child or young person, family support is essential and
local psychological support may be necessary. Liaison with schools should also be
undertaken where a child insists on presenting in the opposite gender. Pre-pubertal
children exhibiting cross-gender behaviours are statistically more likely to become
gay adults than transsexual ones; a few outgrow their atypical behaviours and
feelings. As puberty begins, however, those who are destined to live permanently
in the opposite role usually develop an increasing disgust for their phenotype. Their
distress reaches suicidal proportions in some cases. With support from a paediatric
endocrinologist, hormone-blockers – gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogue
(GnHRa) – may be prescribed once puberty is under way but before secondary sex
characteristics become apparent. The timing of this intervention is important, so it
is vital to follow an established protocol17 such as that used in the Vrije Universiteit
Medical Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands (see the NHS publications Medical
care for gender variant children and young people answering families’ questions
and A guide for young trans people in the UK). Contact with support groups may
be helpful for families.18

You twisted fucks.


24 thoughts on “A tour through the NHS guide for Gender Variant People and The Tale of my Legs

  1. There is a “woman born with a penis” holding forth on Shakesville at the moment about how terrible it is when anyone (but especially Julie Bindel) attacks femininity, because wbwap wants to wear nail polish and wbwap has declared themselves “feminine” so that means “femininity” is powerful and natural and not a social construct at all. Yay grrlpower !

    The comment thread doesn’t have a shred of sense in it either. It’s horrific.

  2. those who are destined to live permanently in the opposite role

    This highlights just how conformist and reactionary the trans stuff is.

    Roles ? There is no role, opposite or otherwise for a person of any sex in a sane and decent world.

  3. Well, it is one sweet vent that I have not even finished reading yet!

    The Vent that keeps on giving… 😛

  4. I’ll agree with parallel there. Work. Of Art. I read all the way to the end, although the pay off came earlier, in the phrase:

    shit trans men. Which I will change a bit to “Shit-Trans. Men.”

    It’s fantastic what they do isn’t it? Men upholding the demands of other men, because they can. It’s all good, as long as men get their way, and one set profits. Man oh man but the Shit-Trans is going to hit the fan in about 10 years.

    • yes that was an (unintended) double-entendre Jilla 🙂

      But shit, trans men are now called men

      But Shit Trans Men are now called men

      I think the universe works with a radfem when she has a vent

      • yes, there are going to be a lot of verrry unhappy adults in their twenties who were “tinkered with” by quacks as children. I hope they sue the bollocks off the lot of them. I hope the quacks end up in jail for human rights abuses

        P.S I was an idiot for thinking a 70 year old woman would notice my legs. WTF was wrong with me? The cultural indoctrination runs so deep doesn’t it. She calmly admired the tattoo on the base of my spine.
        Although to be fair a tattoo is more socially acceptable than unshaven legs on a woman isn’t it.

  5. A tip, if you have any other occasion where you think you must shave. Use fine grade, or polishing grade, sandpaper. Rub in one direction and then slather moisturizer on. Before women were indoctrinated to shave, I’m not sure, perhpas in the 30s? that’s what they did, on up into the ’50s.

    After the commercial:

    How to draw a stocking seam up the back of your leg.

  6. Just an OT FYI. More on medical science fuckupery.

    Prenatal Exposure to Certain Antidepressant Medications Associated With Modestly Increased Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders

    CHICAGO – Prenatal exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, especially during the first trimester, is associated with a modest increase the risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder, according to a report published Online First in the Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

    “The prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) has increased over recent years,” the authors write as background information in the article. “Use of antidepressant medications during pregnancy also shows a secular increase in recent decades, prompting concerns that prenatal exposure may contribute to increased risk of ASD.”

    To evaluate if prenatal exposure to antidepressants, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), is associated with an increase in ASD, Lisa A. Croen, Ph.D., of Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Oakland, and colleagues examined medical records for children drawn from the Childhood Autism Perinatal Study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Northern California. The authors included 298 children with ASD (case group) and their mothers, and 1,507 control children and their mothers in the study.

    Twenty mothers of children in the case group (6.7 percent) and 50 mothers of children in the control group (3.3 percent) had at least one prescription for an antidepressant in the year prior to the birth of the study child. Of the 20 case mothers who were prescribed antidepressants, 13 (65 percent) were prescribed SSRIs only, two (10 percent) were prescribed an SSRI in combination with another antidepressant and five (25 percent) were prescribed one or more non-SSRI antidepressants only. Of the 50 control mothers who were prescribed an antidepressant, 25 (50 percent) were prescribed SSRIs only, nine (18 percent) were prescribed an SSRI in combination with another antidepressant and 16 (32 percent) were prescribed one or more non-SSRI antidepressants only.

    After adjusting for maternal and birth factors, mothers of children with ASD were twice as likely to have at least one antidepressant prescription in the year prior to delivery. When compared with women with no antidepressant prescription during the study period, those with a prescription for a SSRI were more than twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with ASD. This association was not seen for the small group of women who were prescribed a non-SSRI antidepressant only.

    Additionally, after adjustment for a history of depression during the year prior to delivery, SSRI exposure during the first trimester remained significantly associated with risk of ASD, as was a history of SSRI exposure at any point during the year prior to delivery. Conversely, no association was seen between risk of ASD and the indication for treatment (mother having a history of depression or any mental health disorder) for the year prior to delivery.

    “Although the number of children exposed prenatally to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in this population was low, results suggest that exposure, especially during the first trimester, may modestly increase the risk of ASD,” the authors conclude. “We recommend that our findings be considered as preliminary and treated with caution, pending results from further studies designed to address the very complex question of whether prenatal exposure to SSRIs may be etiologically linked to later diagnoses of ASDs in offspring.”

    (Arch Gen Psychiatry. Published online July 4, 2011. doi:10.1001/archgenpsychiatry.2011.73.

  7. Thanks Jilla,
    Does not surprise me.

    Notice how they used the word “Modestly” to disguise the fact that there is, indeed, a correlation between the drugs and autism.

    Either these drugs increase the incidents of autism, or they don’t.
    The research seems to show that they do.

    WTF is modest about that.

  8. And it’s been proven they have no effect over placebo — which would NOT affect the fetus. Women are just so much fodder for the med profession, even to destroying our children, who of course once diagnosed with god knows what around 18 mos of age, will begin a lifetime regimine of more brain and life destroying drugs. A very short lifetime.

  9. And the reason they’ve got depression in the first place is because they get ZERO support during pregnancy– they’re supposed to rely on the man in their life for emotional support, themselves for nurturance (preparing decent, nutritional food etc) and the male medical fraternity to safely and respectfully deliver their baby.
    When you factor in that domestic violence begins or increases during pregnancy and is it really surprising that women are depressed?!?!?!
    So instead of making policy changes to create a *humane* environment for women, they dose them with drugs.

  10. “Pre-pubertal children exhibiting cross-gender behaviours are statistically more likely to become gay adults than transsexual ones; a few outgrow their atypical behaviours and feelings.”

    Exterminationist bastards. We KNOW that the overwhelming majority (studies show between 80 and 98%) of children actually referred for treatment due to distress no longer “suffer from GID symptoms” as adults. And are majority gay. Yet the above statement seems to contradict that reality. ‘statistically more likely” yet only “a few”? How can they make such a claim? Ahhhh. Because they add in BEHAVIORS. Atypical BEHAVIORS. As in Nelly Fags and Diesel Dykes. And that gentle flamboyant straight guy. And that female footballer. The vast majority of kids outgrow the GID diagnosis and no longer report distress BUT STILL EXHIBIT “ATYPICAL” SEX ROLE BEHAVIOR. The above sentence is the most lying-ass disingenuous homophobic dishonest hateful disinformation ever. I truly hope these people are imprisioned one day for what they are doing to these sex role non-conforming and sex-role protesting kids. Serious fucking prison time.

    Thank you for this post.

    • “Serious fucking prison time”

      Yes. For human rights abuses.

      I’ve studied the difference between civil rights and human rights.. HUman rights abuses are generally considered to be worse than civil rights abuses because they are connected to bodily integrity.
      Torture falls under “human rights” , for example; sex or race segregation under “civil rights”
      FGM is, obviously, a human rights issue, but so is trans.. especially because there are obvious perpetrators here (the quacks and politicians), who are *clearly* ignoring biological facts and hard science, in order to push a wishy washy, airy fairy worldview based on nothing but bigotry, resulting in a sea of mutilated victims.

      Sterilizing children, for the flimsiest of reasons, or even for arbitrary reasons, is eugenics, pure and simple.

      History will judge these men and hold them accountable. Just like it did the nazis.

      • Well, I would recommend any young woman about to enter uni (or even a teen now) to consider going into Law.

        In about 20 years from now, the lawyers will be making a killing – with everybody suing everybody else.

        Just gotta watch (during the suing frenzy) that they don’t accidentally sue themselves LOL

        But I am serious about the Law thing. I reckon, 20 years, lawsuits aplenty.

      • I’ve studied the difference between civil rights and human rights

        Yet, every scumbag, in order to get their way, insists that X violation was a “violation of their hooooman rights waaah”, when clearly they are talking civil rights – like the UK prisoners, claiming it is a violation of the hoooman rights (waaah) not to be able to vote. Methinks that was the half the point of prison, to curtail civil rights, otherwise it’s just a hotel with bars on the windows. They get PlayStations and all sorts of crap. Last I heard, they were bemoaning not getting the latest PS platform.

        They live better than I do.

  11. [unless they find some female scapegoats.]

    You know I just checked the document again to see whether it was written by a man or a woman… and realized that you just don’t know anymore.

    THey’re stealing our names and our common history.. names historically given to females have specific meanings connected to female herstory.. and M2T are appropriating them.

  12. Very interesting point Cherry. I’ve not thought of that too much beyond noting the fluffy kitten names “they” choose for their little girl selves. They can have them.

    I remember the very strong adult women of my little girl-hood. Women with names to match their character. Because then, women had character, not “personality”.

    Sarah, Mildred, Ruth, Hannah, Josephte, Madeleine, Ethel, Gertrude, Myrtle. Women not to be trifled with. Formidable women. Even older women are afraid to be that way now. Those women pulled the plow and tilled the land alongside their men-folk, and THEN did “women’s work”.

  13. Hey Myrtle ooxxoo

    Yes, real women’s names. Florence, Beatrice, Cornelia, Martha, Hester, Marjorie, Hilda, Henrietta, Hepzibah, Antoinette, Rosemary

    Pulled the plow, tilled the land, then had babies, took care of their elderly parents, did “women’s work” including cooking amazing meals from scratch.

    KatieS aka Hepzibah 😀

  14. I agree Jilla. Women are no longer “formidable” are they. How can you be formidable when you’re botoxed and mascarad? 😦

    Imagine all those women being raised without our pernicious porn culture and pornified media? They would have grown up with a better sense of self and of who they were, of their boundaries etc

  15. The women in my childhood very seldom wore make-up. Most never did, some wore lipstick, women who worked in offices used “pancake” starting in the ’50s. They all cut and “did” their own (and each other”s) hair too. They did dress up, it was de rigeur in those days for women to wear hats and gloves, if going downtown, to church, any where in public. It was MOST important if you were a lower class woman). After the war, women wanted and needed to work, but only those women’s needs jobs opened to them, so my mother became an Avon lady then. Several of my school chums went into hairdressing. It was all very exciting and seemed so enviable.

  16. Yes, myrtle and CBL, I don’t remember women wearing lipstick day to day. Women, kids, and sometimes men got their haircuts at home or from neighbors. Everyone dressed up for church, with a special church outfit or two that was not worn elsewhere. Hats and gloves, even in summer, I remember that, too. You might say these outfits were hot, but not in a funfem way 😀
    Women shaved their legs because they did not want to buy “nylons,” shaved underarms, and plucked their eyebrows. I cannot imagine any woman shaving her pubic area back then. Such a thing would have been unheard of and probably would have been seen as a sign of mental illness of some kind, aberrant to the extreme.

    The only area I currently shave is my underarms, once a week. I don’t wear deodorant much of the time, and unless I shave I will smell of perspiration, have to change and wash clothes more often, etc. It seems easier, cheaper, and healthier than wearing deodorant all the time. Smelling like perspiration at one’s job is not accepted where I work. I cannot think of anyone who smells of sweat and it’s not that important to be a pioneer. Plus, I don’t like to smell other people’s underarm odors, to be honest.

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