It’s not an accident

I have been thinking recently about what it takes to keep women down.

I was led to believe that women’s oppression and subordination was an incidental irrelevancy in the minds of men. But now I’ve changed my mind. Men expend a lot of energy keeping women down. Not a disproportionate amount of energy… it is still very much worth their while having a sex class, a slave class, and a class they can exploit for cheap labour, but it is becoming very clear to me that none of this happens by accident. It’s a daily intention; men have to actively, persistently, work at keeping women down.

Cordelia Fine (hilariously) ridicules the “scientists” who worked very hard trying desperately to find a correlation between maleness and intelligence.

“The hypothesis, widely believed, that this sex difference in the brain was of profound psychological significance was championed by Paul Broca, one of the most eminent scientists at the time. Only when it became inescapably clear that brain weight did not correlate with intelligence did brain scientists acknowledge that men’s larger brains might merely reflect their larger bodies. This inspired a search for a measure of relative, rather than absolute, brain weight that would leave the absolute bigger brain sex ahead. As historian of science Cynthia Russett reports:

“Many ratios were tired- of brain weight to height, to body weight, to muscular mass, to the size of the heart, even (one begins to sense desparation) to some one bone, such as the femur”

🙂 Oh they are silly aren’t they.

My point is that all of that male energy was instantly swatted away like a fly last year by Cordelia Fine.

In other words, because the oppression of women isn’t natural, men actually do have to expend energy keeping us in place. I’d underestimated before how much energy they actually do use. The constant re-writing of history, the constant misinformation and brainwashing. A good example is the Royal Wedding, which was one enormous propaganda campaign led by the patriarchy against women, to remind us of our position in life.

Is it possible that if enough women keep resisting rather than complying, that the energy women expend on fighting for justice will OVERTAKE the amount of energy men expend (every single day) on keeping us down?

This is just wishful thinking isn’t it. It’s going to be a bloody battle right to the end.


11 thoughts on “It’s not an accident

  1. I’d underestimated before how much energy they actually do use. The constant re-writing of history, the constant misinformation and brainwashing.

    Yes, all of that.
    I think for a long time I was like you, that their sexism was more accidental and due to ignorance of these matters, therefore wider ‘education’ of men would resolve that. This is actually the libfem position.

    It is clearly not accidental, just look at the intensity of the backlash over the last 20 years, the violence/degradation now inherent even in ‘vanilla’ porn.

    The message could not be clearer (and this is the part libfems need to get) that it is not accidental. It will not matter how nicely or slowly you explain it to them, they will pretend not to get it, and carry on with their sexism, because of the enormous benefit to themselves.

    It will be a bloody battle to the end.

    The only time we get enough numbers to take to the street is when libfems and ordinary women wake up and see what is going on, instead of pretending that it is not systemic but isolated incidents. As bad as the concept of SlutWalk was, the one bit of good in all that was that it showed ordinary non-feminist women woke up to male sexual violence (a bit, at least). So maybe general awakening is on its way. They all just have to realise that radfems are not making this all up, but tell the truth without the sugar coating.

  2. Oh definitely men expend energy to keep us down. To keep us doubting ourselves, submitting to their entitlements, brainwashing us that through compliance we can get something out of sharing our air with men.

    This propaganda is 24/7. There is no break or rest from it. Even our dreams are affected by this. When we look at all the movies, the television shows, commercials, video games, music lyrics, and all manner of internet sites there is virtually no escape from this propaganda. And most of it is perpetuated by men who volunteer their time to do it, because they get the tawdry satisfaction of oppressing women and they know the more they hate women they profit.

    Just look at Eminem. He’s a no-talent jerk, whom without the investment of Dr Dre would have gotten nowhere. But since he hates women his popularity is through the roof. He profits.

    • And most of it is perpetuated by men who volunteer their time to do it

      Interesting point you raise about the misogyny-hobbyists!

      Part of that might also be in speaking the bro-code, the fact that they think most/all women are so stupid that they won’t see ‘the code’. Also, the gay dudes behind women’s fashions are also speaking the bro-code to other males as well, as part of the in-joke that all males bond with.

      Speaking of profiting directly, the gay dudes often profit directly from misogyny. The fashion one is obvious, but think too about the hairdressers. My local hairdressers I think was just bought-out by a queen since I last went there a year ago. Within that year, the prices went up 50%, that is a 50% increase in just one year. They wouldn’t even give me any rainbow discount or concession either, even though they spotted me from a mile off (when contrasted with patriarchy-compliant customers in the salon, I did look rather obvious, LOL).

    • THat is an interesting point: that not only do men go out of their way to oppress women, expending lots of energy in the process, but that a LOT of them (MANY more than we realise) really fucking enjoy it. I mean we already know the Max Hardcores of this world do, as well as all the judges who let paedos and rapists get away with light sentences.
      But how many women realise that your average guy on the street really fucking enjoys the process of subjugating women, at any opportunity.

      My pregnant friend (35 weeks pregnant), has opted for a midwife-only birth in order to avoid the misogyny of OB/Gyns, but had to get a blood test yesterday from a doctor. She told me that the first thing he said as she walked through the door was “You’re FAT!!! (she’s not, she’s only gained 8 kilos throughout her entire pregnancy). Then he proceeded to give her a big red TOO FAT stamp in her little maternity book.

  3. Yes, it IS going to be a bloody battle. There is just no escaping it.

    There is no way to create a peaceful, safe world with dudes calling any of the shots. Remember too that we have ultra pr0nsick up-and-coming 20 somethings *creating* content/history/laws/science/*truth* at every turn.

    This isn’t our mothers’ misogyny anymore; this is misogyny on PCP.

  4. No it’s not an accident. Men pretend it is, they pretend they don’t know what they are doing or they aren’t aware of what’s going on but it’s all deliberate.

    Men’s treatment of women as a class is like an abusive relationship on a massive scale. Women aren’t even supposed to know that it’s deliberate, that they are being harmed. Every woman should read Lundy Bancroft and realise that they can reapply all his insights globally (and of course become a radical feminist).

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