Prostitutes immune to HIV. Why the secrecy?

I remember as a teen reading a tiny article on prostitutes in Africa who were immune to HIV. I thought this was a amazing and groundbreaking, and over ten years later I still think so.
A group of people immune to one of the most frightening viruses in the world…!! That’s BIG news, but so few people know about this that you get the feeling the patriarchy is being hush hush… so I find myself now wondering why this would be the case. Why are the disease-free prostitutes never talked about?

As always with patriarchy, you have to use double-double think

1) African. Prostitutes. Black. Poor. Women.

2) are Immune to HIV.


How can this possibly fit into the Western patriarchal worldview that women are dirty, women who have lots of sex are even dirtier, and women who are prostituted are, well, unspeakably dirty. As for black, African women, pfft, say no more.

And yet… this group of women are clean and disease free; and have immunity to AIDS

The minds of the conservatives must be fizzling and popping at the thought. It blows their Good-Madonna-Heaven/ Bad-Whore-Hell worldview to smithereens. All their evolutionary theories are based on shite if prostitutes can be awarded an evolutionary prize.

You do still get the odd knob shamelessly declaring that black people are more likely to get aids because of sexual practices and genetics which is pure racism because it ignores the socio-economic backdrop behind the AIDS epidemic, the poverty and illiteracy which are connected to the spread of the disease, and the disingenuous advice of Christian missionaries going to Africa and preaching abstinence instead of giving contraceptive advice.

The science behind it is that the women are exposed t o so many strands of the virus from the semen of all the men that fuck them, that they become immune (while the men do not haha!). If they leave prostitution they remain HIV free unless they return to prostitution, or have PIV with an infected man, in which case it was recently discovered that they may contract the disease. [Apparently, the scientists studying the women were “disappointed” with this finding]

I’m telling you, nature loves women. Which is why men hate nature and seek to control and destroy it.


15 thoughts on “Prostitutes immune to HIV. Why the secrecy?

  1. I’m telling you, nature loves women. Which is why men hate nature and seek to control and destroy it.

    Brilliant soundbite, it is seeming so.

    Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, the more I think about it, the more it’s true.

      Men are destroying our planet and it’s coming back to bite them in the bum.

      “Women becoming pregnant in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1960’s were a third less likely to give birth to a baby boy if their PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) levels were relatively high.

      The results adds weight to the growing evidence that contamination in the womb can alter the relative proportion of boys and girls that are born.

      In their overall assessment of the relationship between PCB level and sex of baby, they found that as PCB levels went up, the likelihood of a boy went down. This overall trend was statistically significant (p < 0.02). For every additional 1 μg/L PCB in serum, the odds of a boy dropped by 7%.

      Comparing the women at or below the 10th percentile of PCB levels with those at or above the 90th, they found women with the relatively high levels the likelihood of a boy baby decreased by 33%."

      Mary Daly predicted this over fourty years ago. Nature is trying to fight back on women’s behalf.

  2. This is very good news. A dood by the name of Jason Hribal has written a book called Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance. I have read excerpts. I don’t buy books by doods anymore, but I might see if the library has it. Apparently, he chronicles instances where animals have attacked their trainers or those impinging on their territory such as circus animals who kill their keepers or whale trainers in marinas . He claims it is deliberate and not some stupid instinctual reaction. He also claims that domesticated animals also fight back by refusing to do what is demanded of them. Ha. Love it.
    That guy who was attacked by his white tiger in Los Vegas apparently hit that magnificent beast on the nose just before he attacked. Of course the media reported it all very differently.
    I say this as you mentioned Mary Daly and her nature fighting back. I believe it. Nature is not stupid or mechanical, just as women are not, nor are our bodies.

    • Thanks Rhondda. It is good news, isn’t it. We should chronicle these instances of nature fighting back. If you come across any more examples, I’d love to hear of them.

      Nature is not stupid or mechanical, just as women are not, nor are our bodies.

      Ne’er a truer word spoken. OTOH, the patriarchal fools and their reversals are stupid and mechanical.

      And veerrry interesting that the patriarchal propaganda is covering all this up. I knew I wasn’t paranoid. Women’s amazing connection with nature must be gagged and hushed up to give the illusion that male power is “natural” when in reality it’s the most unnatural phenomenon.
      Oh, and the way men treat animals is unspeakably disgusting and cruel.

      Nature is pissed off

    • I reckon I have to bring up the cats vs dogs thing at this point.

      In general, males prefer dogs and females prefer cats (although many female dog lovers as well). Not that many men really love cats, or form really close bonds with them.

      Dudes prefer dogs because they can teach them to be obedient, to ‘obey master’. (Female dog lovers do not love dogs for the same reason, more for companionship and being followed about, dogs are more portable companions).

      Cats as you know, are near-impossible to ‘train’ to do anything, they retain a strict streak of independence. They will only do what they want to do, not for the amusement or benefit of others. (ok, so a little narcissistic as far as critters go 😛 )

      Plus a lot of domestic pets are wary or do fear male humans, female humans are not feared as a class like that (if a pet is wary of strangers, it may include all human strangers). I don’t know of pets who ‘fear’ female humans specifically, but plenty who fear male humans specifically.

      When I hear those stories where the trainer has been killed by the animal he is training, you just know it is based on years of resentment on how they have been treated, of having been forced to bend to the will of a human over and over again, with no real respect given to their feelings or autonomy.

      Dudes just don’t respect nature, or any other critter.
      They have only gotten away with their domination of human females because most human females won’t “snap” one day with lethal consequences (it does happen, but rarely).

      Dudes really have little or no empathy. That is their main problem. Way too narcissistic.

  3. You’re so right about cats and men; they never get along because cats would never debase themselves and grovel the way dogs do. “Loyalty”, “A man’s best friend” are all euphemisms for “willingness to be dominated”
    It makes me sick that men prefer an animal because it can be broken and tamed. And it makes me even more sick that they prefer women who are broken in and tamed; the more broken in a woman is (i.e the more feminine) the more men are attracted to her.
    What does this tell us about men?

    Empathy is the key isn’t it. The definition of a psychopath is a person who has no empathy.
    So what do you call all the men who sit around watching porn *seeing* women suffering, *seeing* that the only reason she’s having PIV is because she’s being paid

  4. Empathy is the key isn’t it. The definition of a psychopath is a person who has no empathy.
    So what do you call all the men who sit around watching porn *seeing* women suffering, *seeing* that the only reason she’s having PIV is because she’s being paid

    Yes indeed, most dudes fit on the psychopath continuum closer to the psychopath end. They are culturally created psychopaths (most are made, not born).

    I think too, to those dudes who go out and rape or kill & rape YW, because it will give them a sexual thrill. They don’t think about what longterm impact it will have on a surviving victim, or the effect it will have on the family left behind if she is murdered.

    These dudes are putting into practise what they see in porn, the torture, the degradation, and due to the nature of porn, greater and greater thrills are required to get the ‘hit’ of a turn-on. The logical step after ‘just watching’ all this shit in porn, is to seek out the greater thrill of doing it in real life. It works the same way as drug immunity or tolerance. It is also why I don’t have any great faith in sex offender rehab programmes. If I was running such a programme, instead of talk therapy that addresses the ‘logic’ and the ‘wrongness’ of the offence, I would attack it on a more basic stimuli method, giving adversion therapy, because that is one of the few things that will break the loop.

  5. I’m sorry but that is just patriarchal bullshit about cats and dogs. I really can’t believe that it is repeated.
    This does not help with credibility for radical fems. Lots of male computer geeks have cats. Good grief, they only have to feed them. Where I live it is the women who have dogs for companions and for protection. I have both. This is bizarre and totally unreal.

    • Look at the words IN GENERAL there at the start.
      Also several other qualifiers. I did not say ALL, did I?

      There IS a general trend.
      And there are exceptions, there are always exceptions to everything. If the majority do X, then it is a trend.

      And yes, I do know a small handful of males who are into cats, but they are a minority.

      And I have seen plenty of domestic pets that are ONLY afraid of males.

      • Also, as a general trend, most dudes are into porn, and are completely crap because of it.

        Perhaps RFs should stop pointing this trend out?

        Because you know, it is not true in 100% of cases.
        But it is a trend.

  6. yes, fair enough. I do know a very nice man who likes his cats.
    But I have personal experience of seeing men who literally enjoy making dogs obedient to them, as in, they got a kick out of it. ONe family member of mine used to make his dog grovel, The dog was fucked up. Whereas you can’t really do that with cats.

    But point taken, it doesn’t take much to give radfems a bad name so we shouldn’t make sweeping statements as though they’re facts.I suppose it’s more musing than anything, looking for patterns.

  7. Although it’s possible that radfems are always going to have more credibility than any other group of people under patriarchy, when it comes to women’s issues. Who else has more credibility than radfems when it comes to the oppression of women?
    Men with no credibility at all spout utter bullshit about feminism (like that Hugo women’s studies professor) and everybody listens to them, as though what they’re saying is the truth. But what that man teaches is lies. As a white guy in a patriarchal system he has zero credibility when it comes to understanding oppression. Doesn’t stop people believing he’s right, though!!Or him getting paid loads to teach feminism!!!

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