A New Political order Part 3: Our work

Part 1 and Part 2.

A post I just made at femonade was just the spark I needed to kindle the flame for Part 3.

“.. there needs to be a new *form* of socialism, invented by women, with women at the helm.

We need new female political theorists to work out the masterplan.

““… in all economic theories and models [the] life-producing and life- preserving work of women appears as a “free good” or a free resource, like air, water, sunshine. it appears to flow “naturally” from women’s body.” Mies”

Male political structures- whether capitalist, commmunist, socialist- are DESIGNED to make women’s labour invisible.

Our work is to envisage a structure where women’s work will be given its place in the system and valued for what it is.

“Our” means, of course, “we, the radicals”. Women who change anything are by their nature radical feminists, working outside and on the edges of the system, in the Background of the patriarchy, as Daly called it.

It’s time to be pro-active, not reactive. A man named Karl Marx once sat down to plan a new political order. It was not all his own work.

History is beginning to show us that there are no Great Men responsible for revolutions and leaps in thought. We find now that the developments were always about to be discovered as a result of the environment the scholar was in and that the work he was surrounded by at the time (as well as how diligent and intelligent his wife happened to be…) Leaps in progress have never been the work of one mind. [Dorling,  2009]

Which means that clues are out there for feminists on how to proceed. We have to collect them, piece them together and make a plan. I am confident that the feminist revolution will take place before the twenty first century is out. How can I be so sure? Because it has to if life is to be worth living and if the natural world is to survive.


3 thoughts on “A New Political order Part 3: Our work

  1. That Dorling quote seems spot on.

    Yes, we must rethink the alternatives, look at and study how other great social changes are made. Which is one reason to also study previous feminist movements and their successes as well.

    • You’re right, we mustn’t forget history.

      Dorling is bloody brilliant (despite being a man 😉 )He wrote “Injustice”

      I agree with FCM that self-identified feminist men are knobs; but there’s no reason why we ourselves can’t nominate a few male contenders to the worthy position of being given the time of day by us, and Dorling doesn’t identify himself as a feminist AFAIK.

      .[he probably still has PIV though]

      • insightful … ‘for a dude’

        yeah, there are only a few worthy of surviving a cull.

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