Does feminism give you orgasms?

They say the most important sex organ is the brain. Is it a coincidence that since I began regularly frequenting radfem blogs I’ve been having orgasmic dreams…?

Something to do with the accumulation of thirty years of pent up stress and energy now being released into the universe?

I stumbled upon my first radfem blog about a month or so ago. I think I was googling something else. Andthere it was: femonade.

I read it back to back, post to post, comment to comment without stopping, and that night I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in years. I’d reached an oasis, a beacon of sanity amongst all the madness.

Little did I know that there was an entire community of radfem blogs. I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep deep sleep.

I’ve always been a radical feminist deep down. After reading The Whole WOman at the age of eighteen the world finally made sense to me. But I  always assumed that Other People had got my back, that  Other Women had feminism covered, that the biggest battles were won and I could just coast. It was only recently that I realised they didn’t. That the madness pervades every corner of society and there is no Big Sister system in place to get my back, only a few individual brave Sisters. Big Brother’s laws rule.

Radfems are few and far between so it’s lucky that the ones that do exist are rather <ahem> vocal 😉

There is a woman on a mainstream website that I really have to thank for my Recent Reawakening. She would thrash her way through the thicket of mainstream thought, shouting out her opinions on porn, prostitution and all other important aspects of women’s oppression. A lone voice in the wilderness, truly. Last time I looked she was still there,  wrestling with the opinions of the masses, the neoliberalists, the sex positivists, the misogynists and those sitting on the fence. Thankfully, her voice started getting through to me. If you see this blog you know who you are 🙂 Thank you.

So this is the three week anniversary of this blog and I’m having a blast so far. I am  thrilled that some people thought it was worthwhile to comment here.  As they say in Japan GAMBARIMASU, err, which is a succinct way of saying “I’ll keep doing my best and onwards I go”!


11 thoughts on “Does feminism give you orgasms?

  1. You are doing well, for a month-in on reading radfem blogs.

    Once you realise the Emperor has no clothes, it is impossible to go back to pretending he has. But it certainly is sanity.

  2. Yes, feminism gives me orgasms! BECAUSE, yes, the brain is the most powerful sex organ! And feminism stimulates my miiiind like nothing else. Making love to and with a feminist (my wife) is the ultimate mind/body union.

    Any other framing of sexuality turns me cold.

    Congratulations on 3 weeks! 🙂

  3. Hahah. Well why not!

    Obviously you were/are a feminist, you just found your community and rolled in here fully formed.

    I love this story of discovery. Gads, I found feminists online from (gulp!) femi*isti*g. I wasn’t there long to know I was in the wrong place, but followed links and connections to ultimately end up at Witchy Woo’s, a place silent now, but which I considered my home patch.

    Please! Tell! What is this mainstream site where you found a lone feminist toiling in the wilderness. Maybe she needs backup?

  4. I finally understand why radfems keep emphasizing sexuality as the key to the revolution.

    If they knew how powerful the female mind-body connection really was, before being forced to unlearn their innate knowledge about their sexuality, they wouldn’t put up with the penetration culture for even a second.

    If women knew that intercourse wasn’t sex then they wouldn’t become prostitutes believing “they might as well get paid for it”. If they realised how much their bodily integrity is being encroached upon during PIV they would get angry. Right now that harm is invisible).

    None of this is new thought but it’s fun to finally get it. Pure Lust and Intercourse are next on my reading list but I’m still waiting for Right Wing WOmen to arrive. I ordered it aaages ago. THough to be fair, there’s probably only five copies left in existence …

  5. I think I know the site you mean, and if it is the site I am thinking of, it did not start out that way. It was a radfem-only space, until the blog owner decided to allow a trickle then a flood of the opposition. Resulting in a platform of attacks on radfems, who eventually tired of the deal and left.

  6. oh i hadnt even seen this! thanks for reading cherryblossom. i am SO happy you had a good nights sleep. theres nothing better than that is there?

    and…wow orgasms? really? i havent gotten there yet, i think i am still too fucked up (literally) from all the PIV. maybe someday. 😛

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