I give it 20 years MAX…

…For trans women to admit that their unholy alliance with the medical establishment, and other patriarchal insitutions such as the law courts and parliament, was a mistake.

Following on from the discussion at twanzphobic since forever it seems that the patriarchal medical establishment has now hit an all-time low,( if that were even possible), by overriding any remaining ethical standards it might have had left with regard to the Hippocratic oath (Do No harm to healthy bodies), and is now considering giving HORMONE BLOCKERS to CHILDREN.

That’s what you get when men are allowed to run society, you see. A complete and utter disregard for nature and bodily integrity, and an obsession with “correcting” faults in children, women, and vulnerable males; faults that do not actually exist except in the minds of the men doing the cutting and dosing, transposed onto the minds of the people they’re cutting up.

Women are mothers, trans women are our sons, and we know  that our bodies don’t create faulty children that need to be corrected by men in white coats. We know, deep in our hearts, that the society men have created is faulty, they are faulty, but our children’s bodies are, always, created perfect.

When society insists a young child has a faulty body or mind, its mother knows different. She knows male-run society is wrong in its arbitrary assertions. Fourty years ago in Japan, children who were regarded as ‘problematic’ by schools and doctors were given electric shock treatments to “cure” them. Had their mothers been asked, they would have said there was nothing wrong with their children, that they wanted them be left alone. That is, if the medical propaganda hadn’t got to them first convincing them that “correcting” children was a NORMAL thing to do.

But men must play God in order to overcome their womb-envy; their fundamental lack (lack of womb) makes up the basic components of their psyche and is the key to all this madness. A womb-lacking male can allay his sense of impotence by reassigning the body of a human, created in a woman’s womb, and giving it some semblance of the appearance of the genitals of the opposite sex.

But if there’s going to be a generation of boys who were forced to take drugs (hormone blockers) in order to irreversably halt their natural development , either on doctor’s orders or because their parents thought they were right-on liberals when they noticed their son  [shock horror] liked  playing with dolls, then there’s going to be a lot of angry young adult males around come 20 years time.

Trans is always a fundamentally conservative ideology. It’s proponents refuse to accept that boys can enjoy nurturing dolls and girls can enjoy physically rough games. Because if society does accepts this it means means the entire pack of evolutionary psychology cards come tumbling down around their ears. Men don’t like being proved wrong (again and again and again) by feminists.

And all those girls who are a bit too rough and tumble for the patriarchs’ liking, who love climbing trees instead of dressing up in pink, are also being frowned upon for not towing the line and conforming to arbitrary gender rules (invented by men themselves) and they too will be pumped with drugs in punishment.

I wonder..is this patriarchy’s last ditch attempt at eliminating homosexuality? Pretend effeminate boys are women and voila, no more gay men around upsetting the status quo which dictates that only women should be fucked. The existence of gay men remind ALL men how unnatural their male dominance over women actually is. The truth: the gender binary is a socially constructed farce, upheld by the threat of violence like all regimes, and nothing more.

If they’re going to identify kids as “trans” then it would help if they could offer a clear scientific explanation on what exactly the term means. There is still no clear definition. Apparently it’s about not feeling comfortable in the gender you were assigned at but what does that say about the fact that ALL females are uncomfortable in the gender they were assigned at birth- as members of the subordinate class- in a patriarchy.

I  have watched a clip of a “Trans child” who, at the age of four, was asked by the adults around him whether or he had a vagina or a penis. Who the hell asks a four year old boy if they’ve got a vagina just because they played with a doll? Poor kid.

How many 4 year olds- boy or girl- need to have conservative adults’ genital obsessions pushed in their face. Leave the kids alone, dammit. 4 year old girls know they’ve got a clitoris because they can feel it, but they probably can’t articulate that they have a vagina for another few years or more. Why on earth would a boy who hasn’t even got one, be preoccupied with vaginas??? Unless, of course, the adults are pushing their own mal-adapted psycho-sexual insecurities onto him.

I hear that trans women now scourge radfem websites in order to learn what it’s really like to be woman through the eyes of women-identified women. WIll they start saying they knew they had a clitoris at the age of four? Anything’s possible. But gotta love science. A quick X ray will prove they do not have the nerve endings that females do. No human body in posession of  a Y chromozome has a bundle of nerve endings entirely devoted to sexual pleasure. So Ner Ner Ner Ner Ner. 

IN twenty years time, trans women MAY realise that the only way out of their misery is to join radical feminists to break down the gender binary, not join BIg Daddy in order to uphold it and use their male privilege to get Big Daddy to pass laws over the heads of real women. Or use their male laws to claim that women who write women’s truths are transphobic. God the patriarchy and trans women are so far up each others’ arses…

What’s to bet that when they FINALLY understand that radfems were right about gender, that  they appropriate radfem work and start preaching about how they’ve discovered that gender is a construct. ..

But perhaps there’s no hope of them getting it. I mean, if they GOT what it was like to be a woman in this society, they’d work WITH radfems to break down the compulsory gender binary.


5 thoughts on “I give it 20 years MAX…

  1. Everything you said CBL, specifically:

    I wonder..is this patriarchy’s last ditch attempt at eliminating homosexuality? Pretend effeminate boys are women and voila, no more gay men around upsetting the status quo which dictates that only women should be fucked. The existence of gay men remind ALL men how unnatural their male dominance over women actually is. The truth: the gender binary is a socially constructed farce, upheld by the threat of violence like all regimes, and nothing more.

    The anti-lesbian/gay agenda is really becoming clear now (although I did suspect it for quite some time, I was confused for a while by the inclusion of tranz under the LGB umbrella).

    But the agenda is clear, upholding heterosexuality and all the binary it entails. The amount of gender conformity expected in children now is far worse than when I was a kid. Girly girls and manzly boyz all uphold the gender roles and heterosexuality. Heterosexuality is the big lie – why else would they need to groom little girls into heterosexuality if it was ‘so natural’? They would almost all get their on their own wouldn’t they?

  2. Brava you brilliant woman you. Must read this again. Soak it all in.

    “Trans is always a fundamentalist conservative ideology.”

    OT. sorta:

    I would so love to hear what Japanese women have to say, think. Young women, old women, thinking, feminist, not-yet feminist, working, at home, students, mothers.

    Can you do little interviews? Just a wish. Well, and you’re THERE! And no-one else of us is doing it. and I can then, be in Japan vicariously.

  3. To begin the objectification as soon and as young as possible. To truncate the development of personhood.

    At about that age where little kids are having a fantastic hilarious time over getting their toenails painted. An older male enters. Maybe even just eight. He’s already learned. Says something. Little girl looks puzzled. Little boy looks terrified, ashamed. Recoils.

    Fade to black.

  4. Loved that Jilla.

    It’s all about control too isn’t it.
    Older males do it with both women and children. Can’t stand to see us happy and content. How many men have made a woman feel ashamed her breasts were too small, her stomach too large…and for what? So for a split second he could feel powerful.

  5. I’ve just listened to Sheila Jeffrey’s on Rabble and she nails it as usual.
    THis is a massive human rights violation on a large scale. These kids are going to be sterilized. Sterilization has frequently been used in the past by patriarchies to stop those deemed “unfit” from reproducing.
    As she says, gender is the last bastion of feminism and is the basis of the patriarchal structure.
    Feminists must smash it for women to have any freedom but the patriarchs will go to extraordinarily great lengths to defend it, using these heinous practices of our unethical, immoral patriarchal medical industry. Hitler would have been proud.

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