Trans activism is diametrically opposed to feminism

I’m sure that almost every radical feminist, at one time or another, started out by being sympathetic towards trans women.

Trapped in an unforgiving patriarchy that demands strict adherence to masculinity and femininity, some males are caught out, and are unable to tow the masculine line, leading them to inevitably experience “gender dysphoria”.
Unable to act out the masculine pantomime, unable to identify with other males, this small group of vulnerable men reach the conclusion that if they are not men, then they must be… the furthest thing possible from a man…which in male eyes, is a woman.

But why the certainty, when they don’t actually know what it’s like to be a woman? And why is it always so easy to spot a trans woman online even when they are trying their very best to write “like a woman”?
The answer is simple: To patriarchal consciousness, women, XX females, have no definition, or identity, beyond that which patriarchy allows. They do not exist, except in relation to men. What men believe women to be (Feminine Other) is what women are .

This is the male view.

Often overlooked, of course, is that all women suffer from gender dysphoria to varying degrees. It is supremely difficult to be born female in a patriarchy.
If ,that is, females in a female-loathing world are allowed to be born at all.

Western Journalism Center/FreeRepublic, September 29, 1997.) Farah referred to the gendercide [of females] as “the biggest single holocaust in human history.” Over the millenia, countless female girls have been killed because they were born female. Today, sex selective abortions are always biased against girls. Female-loathing patriarchies wish to eliminate as many females as possible, as efficiently as possible. Ultra-sound is enabling them to achieve this end. It is not just a historical phenomenon. Every year thousands of girl humans do not come into existence because they were XX females at the moment of conception.
Trans women- men who believe they are women- do not fit into this equation. It is possible that the only reason they are walking about on this earth is because they had the privilege of possessing a Y chromosome.

Trans activists often cite (and exaggerated the numbers of) the miniscule number of intersex people in order to muddy the waters by claiming there is a continuum of sex. This is not true. It is a lie. You are firmly in one box or the other; you cannot become a member of the opposite sex, and you cannot become intersex for that matter. Trans women, of course, are not intersex. Intersex has nothing whatsoever to do with trans.

Whichever hairstyle you wear, however well you can “do” femininity, whatever you allow the medical system of the rich world to do to your body, nothing can alter your chromosomal make-up, which will remain the same until you die, or even beyond death and decomposition: archeologists uncovering the remains of a body hundreds of years from now will know for certain whether or not that particular person was a woman in life, simply by investigating their bone structure and DNA.

Trans feminism is only ever about trans women; it does not address the biological reality of XX born women i.e females. For they can never be female; they can never possess the XX chromosomes; they are not identified from birth as girls or treated as having the potential to give birth. It is this potential, this possibility, of being able to create a baby which is at the root of female oppression by men (copyright FactCheckMe), the root of misogyny if you will.

Women, of course, are the Other beyond all Others. Males are quick to identify with males of other races before ever identifying with women. Paradoxically, the patriarchy does in fact identify with trans women over born women, which is why they have created laws that favour trans women without even asking the 50% of the population who actually are women.

Only in feminist utopia would a tiny group of women be able to get laws passed in the way trans women have managed to. Over a hundred years of feminism and born women are still battling with the patriarchy to get the most basic laws passed concerning rape and abortion. Can you see the trans-privilege here? Because I can.
The might of the trans lobby, and the relative ease with which laws are passed in their favour (at the expense of women) proves that your average trans woman- a member of a tiny minority- has a disproportionate, inordinate, amount of power compared to your average woman.


From Aristotle to Freud, women have been “Other”, the negative, the hologram, the non-male, the penisless persons, as Dworkin succinctly noted:

“The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities,” said Aristotle; “we should regard the female nature as afflicted with a natural defectiveness.” And St. Thomas for his part pronounced woman to be “an imperfect man,” all “incidental” being . . .

Thus, humanity is male and man defines woman not in herself but as relative to him; she is not regarded as an autonomous being. 1.”

This diseased view of woman as the negative of man, “female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities,” infects the whole of culture. It is the cancer in the gut of every political and economic system, of every social institution. It is the rot which spoils all human relationships, infests all human psychological reality, and destroys the very fiber of human identity.

This pathological view of female negativity has been enforced on our flesh for thousands of years. The savage mutilation of the female body, undertaken to distinguish us absolutely from men, has occurred on a massive scale. For instance, in China, for one thousand years, women’s feet were reduced to stumps through footbinding. When a girl was seven or eight years old, her feet were washed in alum, a chemical that causes shrinkage. Then, all toes but the big toes were bent into the soles of her feet and bandaged as tightly as possible. This procedure was repeated over and over again for approximately three years. The girl, in agony, was forced to walk on her feet. Hard calluses formed; toenails grew into the skin; the feet were pus-filled and bloody; circulation was virtually stopped; often the big toes fell off. The ideal foot was three inches of smelly, rotting flesh. Men were positive and women were negative because men could walk and women could not. Men were strong and women were weak because men could walk and women could not. Men were independent and women were dependent because men could walk and women could not. Men were virile because women were crippled

Which brings us to the term “cis”. Cis defines women, yet again, in relation to men… this time in relation to trans women. It’s not original. Defining women in relation to groups of men is over a thousand years old. Moreover it is preposterous to state that women are “comfortable in the gender assigned to them at birth” , which is the definition of “cis”. This thinking, by default, displays ignorance of women’s reality.

In China a hobbled woman was the epitome of femininity, because that is what made men feel masculine. It rendered her “other” because her role was to reflect men as twice their actual size (Woolf)

But the main point here is that: there was no way out for women.

How many trans women held their hands up in China and admitted they were women? None. No man’s foot was ever bound. Men don’t attempt to become women in cultures where no human being would want to be a woman.

How many trans women have furthered the women’s movement by using their male body to act on behalf of women, infiltrating the patriarchy via a ninja stealth movement in order to wrest control from the men? None.

And this is a problem. Because trans activists insists that trans feminism is somehow good for women, or even that it IS feminism! When in truth it has done nothing for the women who live in the biological reality of being female.

What it has done is yoke the strength of the women’s movement, just as left-wing liberal men did during the sixties when they wanted unfetered access to women’s vaginas, just like capitalist conglomerates did when they convinced women that consumerism and smoking was connected to women’s liberation. These three movements: trans, left-wing liberalism, and conservative capitalism have one thing in common. While they run contrary to women’s liberation they cannily convince women of the opposite!
Why is anyone surprised? This is what men do. They cherry pick the parts of feminism that they like and dump the rest.Trans feminism is an “I’m allright Jack” movement, if ever I saw one.

But back to Dworkin’s point. Whenever women exhibit a particular trait, it is filed under “negative” . As fashions change over time what may have traditionally been thought of as a female trait can become a male trait, in which case the culture will do an about turn and begin praising that very same mannerism/talent/idiosyncrasy as a positive. Historically, a clerk was a highly respected job; now female secretaries carry out the same work for a pittance. In Japan, mathematics is regarded as a female subject (book-keeping is women’s work) and women are seen as being more logical, whereas literature is given more prestige, and is largely the preserve of men… In the West it is exactly the opposite.


We need not look very far in order to understand why patriarchal institutions such as medicine and law are keen to embrace trans feminism. Under patriarchy better a mutilated “woman” than a “queer” man. Better to force women into accepting non-masculine males, than to force men to accept these males as their own kind. Women, being the negative other, represent the catch-all sex for any male who does not adhere to the masculine norm. FTMs are a red herring insofar as transsexuals are overwhelmingly MTF. FTMs are often refused male status even after conforming to arbitrary medical procedures such as mastectomy , they can be oppressed and impregnated through their biology, and considering every woman suffers from gender dysphoria, it is hardly surprising that women wish to escape misogyny by transforming into men.

Therein lies the triple standard: 1) Men refuse to accept males as their own.
2) Women readily accept all females as their own and do not go around beating up their own kind for transgressing social norms, but we are now supposed to accept… any random male as a woman? 3) And men are not obliged to accept males as males?

Men now force women to accept men in women-only spaces, such as prisons. If a trans women, who still has his penis, murders and attempts rape, he can be put in a women’s prison to protect HIS human rights. WOmen’s right to be protected from a predatory male, counts for nothing.
Double, triple standards abound.

They can insist on working in rape crisis centres, a place where women should not even have to contemplate coming across a man, whether he believes he’s a woman or not. Even your average heterosexual male can understand his logic. How is it that a trans woman can’t? And this makes me angriest of all. Because when men trans women insist on forcing their way into all-female spaces it is a feminist’s duty to become very suspicious.

This is the beginning of the erasure of women. But already, I suspect, it is more difficult than they thought it would be. Women are supposed to be compliant, pliant and soft. Why, they wonder, do we not roll over like dogs and accept their dictates? Why do we not embrace the laws that erase us? It is an abhorrence. It is against nature. Women are supposed to smile and nod when a law is passed enabling a man with a penis to call himself a woman. How DARE women try to define womanhood!!

I laugh in the face of the men who thought they could erase us without a fight.

“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, Rage against the dying of the light” (Dylan Thomas)


112 thoughts on “Trans activism is diametrically opposed to feminism

  1. The speed at which tranz recognition and rights came into being is staggering.

    In most countries, women protested in great numbers for the best part of 100 years to get the vote. Tranz lift their widdle pinkies up, and in much less than 10 years, with NO massive street protesting, anti-discrimination laws for tranz were passed, and in the UK, even legal recognition like birth certificate amendments. Yeah, so cry me a river on the claim that M2Ts are the mostest oppressedest of all women. Bullshit.

    Historically, a clerk was a highly respected job; now female secretaries carry out the same work for a pittance.

    Thanks for bringing this one up, the Pink Ghetto. Every time a profession becomes female dominated, pay and status for the job goes right down, and it still happens today.

    Excellent observation on the cherry-picking of the supposed masculine/feminine traits like logic etc, how they can be polar opposites from country to country. That alone proves the bullshit of ‘natural’ traits.

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  3. yes it’s bullshit. Can’t remember which feminist said it first but, in cultures where men fish and women weave, fishing is valued more; where men weave and women fish, weaving is valued more.

    That one always pisses me off.
    Think I might do a post on it now.

    • Yes it’s bull shit. But your hating anyone who isn’t a cisgender woman like you doesn’t help. I would like to mention that most cisgender women hate cunts like you as well. You forget what feminism stands for. You go straight to being sexist. Fuck yourself with a cactus in the ass.

      • On what planet is it okay to call someone a cunt?

        You’re going straight to spam for using woman-hating profanities. You get extra minus points for not even realising what a vile misogynist you are.

      • Here’s the funny part. I have infinite accounts. Now let me clarify, I did not call you a cunt because you are a woman. I don’t hate women, in fact I honor them. I honor them as much as I honor men, and as much as I honor transgender and intersex people. You know why? Because everyone is equal. Groups like you try to make it so that you’re better than anyone else. You’re no better than the KKK. You’re sexist and do more harm for your cause than good. My mom who is a strong feminist hates people like you because of how you treat others. You’re scum. And this is Earth, I can call you anything you want. I choose to call you an asswipe, cunt was wrong. Cunt is a synonym for vagina, and vagina’s are good. An ass wipe is something I buy for a dollar, wipe my ass with, and flush down the toilet. And it’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because you are a vile, hateful piece of shit who hates everyone who is not like her, and ends up hurting her own gender because of it. Equality not supremecy. If you can’t understand that, go die.

      • It doesn’t matter WHO you call a cunt. THe word ITSELF is inherently misogyinistic.
        Just like the word “nigger”is inherently racist.
        Like the word “faggot” is inherently homophobic.

        Go and find a group of black men on the street, call them “niggers” (seeing as you think it’s okay to use whatever words you like), then when you’ve done that I MIGHT be able to take you seriously when you bully women via the internet, calling us “cunts.”

        You can’t make these words better.

        YOu are a raging, raving misogynist.

        [with multiple accounts hmm?]

        I am reporting you to wordpress for hate speech against an oppressed group: women.

      • I cannot even begin to imagine how privileged a person must be for him to declare that the words cunt, nigger and faggot are nothing but mere sounds, without any weight of meaning behind them.

        Most of us live in a world where those words are very frightening, because the speaker (white/male/het, or all three) has the power of his class on his side.

        Privilege, privilege, privilege.

  4. I would like to note that trans activism is also the feminist struggle. In the end ideally all genders should be equal. That is the point of feminism. If you believe that being a biological female entitles you to anything you are as bad as any man. Transwomen are just as much of women as ciswomen. Also you are a cunt dyke, and should go die. Seriously. Kill yourself.

  5. wow you really dont get it do you. Trans women have no interest in lording over cis women, because what trans women and most cis women have figured out is that hating each other is stupid, because in the end its the patriarchy that hurts us all. And have you really even ever known any transwomen, beyond the 5 second first impression of course. Reading your article I noticed so many of your “facts” were pulled right out of your ass. Seriously! all women have gender dysphoria! Are you really telling me you’ve never met any girls who are happy being girls(because if it were true then i wouldn’t exist according to you), or do you just hate yourself that much? You can call me mysoginist or watever, but until u get it then just die in a fire, the last thing the world needs is more people spreading hate wrapped up in a bow.

    • I am tired of hearing the word “cunt” come out of the mouths of trans women.
      I am tired of listening to how much they hate born women (ever heard the phrase “Die Cis Scum” ? Yep, that hatred is all from trans women).

      I am tired of listening to their garden-variety misogyny. It never ceases to amaze me why trans women think THEIR misogyny is any different to the misogyny of other men. From where women are standing, their hate, their inability to LEAVE US ALONE, their death threats, their threats of violence, their internet bullying feels exactly the same as when any other men behave like that.
      I wish they (and the pimps, and the religionists, and the MRAs) would just leave us alone.
      But being men, they never ,ever will.

  6. 1) Publish hate speech about transwomen.
    2) Complain that transwomen don’t leave you alone.

    I have to ask, are you a troll?

    Besides, did you never ever get angry about the really big group of women who are just ignoring feminism and a lot of them are even outrightly denying the still existing discrimination of women? Now think about trans people (men and women alike), they could be our best allies, couldn’t they be? Who else *really* knows what the differences are? Cis people can only ever speculate while every person that transitions gender experiences all the differences in his/her own life. Trans people are key witnesses for our cause.

    • As I said above, I am tired of trans women’s misogynistic hate speech. They’re the same as any other men, with their death threats and their refusing to take no for an answer and their gleeful use of the word “cunt” to insult women.

      Trans women like to believe they’re different to other men, but women don’t use the word “cunt” the way trans women do. They reveal themselves to be men, by their hatred of women.

      They like to believe that I will engage with them even though they point blank refuse to READ THE FRICKEN ARTICLE

      Yes I troll my own blog lol


      maybe it’s the people who decide to comment on my blog WITHOUT reading the article above ( I know you haven’t read it, or if you have, you certainly haven’t understood it) that are trolling hmmm?

      • Of course I’ve read and understood the article, it would be very unkind not do so before writing a comment.

        You claim trans women (all of them?) to be misogynistic. Wouldn’t this imply that they hate themselves?

        I’m a buddhist and believe in the golden mean, there are trans “women” out there with really unexplainable behaviour (which may very well be men) but there’s also a lot of them who you wouldn’t recognize even after hours of talking to them.

        What about the fact that trans people could be our best allies and key witnesses of gender discrimination in our society?

      • Femininity is a tool of oppression used to subordinate women and uphold male domination.
        It is as impossible for a man to become a woman as it is for a white guy to become a black guy, even if he identifies as one.
        If a man thinks that “Being a woman” has got something to do with dressing feminine, or “passing”, he is a misogynist. BEcause that is not what women are. Not by a long shot. Only a man ( and a misogynistic one at that) would define the female sex this way.

        Where I live, in Japan, there is a third gender, a role played out by men who toy with gender; they wear make-up, dress “feminine” and reject the masculine role. Many of them are gay, but not all of them. THis is common in many Asian countries.
        They would never dream of pretending to be women, just because they play with gender.

        ETA, women are oppressed because of their sex, not their gender.

      • I can only agree with everything you said in this reply. Men can’t become women, I’ve never even met a single transvestite (that’s men who play women) who was remotely convincing. And nothing makes me more angry than reading from an alleged transsexual that she/he wants to transition and is so depressed because she/he can’t go shopping, wear makeup, dresses and all that stereotype bullshit. Seriously, this is so depressing because it shows what those people think of what constitutes a life of a woman.

        But now there’s a difference in our world views. I believe that a lot of trans women are legit (not all of them, mind you), because they are not really men but some weird mixture (or fuckup of nature). May it be a female soul (if you want to view this spiritually) or may it be a female brain (newer scientific studies point into this direction). So it’s not a man that becomes a woman, it’s rather a weird mixture that becomes a woman (well, mostly, some body stuff and genetics are missing).

      • If a particular soul manifests within a male body, then it can only be a male soul.

        If the male in question believes his soul to be female, then that is because he’s swallowed the western cultural stereotypes of what a female is.
        Now, it may be that he has a *feminine* soul, but that is something different entirely.

        There is also no such thing as a female brain. Men have been trying to prove for centuries that women’s brains are different to men’s and they’ve failed.
        Miserably, in fact.
        Cordelia Fine debunks all the myths in her book “Delusions of Gender”.

        And just like souls, the brain of an XY male *can* *only* *ever* *be* a male brain, even if it differs slightly from other male brains.
        An XY male is an XY male. The Y makes him male, no matter what his brain or his soul get up to.

        ETA: at the end of the day, women have no idea if the trans woman in front of them is a benign male who believes he has a “feminine soul” or a pervert with rapist mentality who wants to invade women-only spaces.

        How can we tell?

        The truth is, we can’t.

        WHile I understand that there’s a big difference between the two types, I’m afraid that as a feminist my only concern is women. THat is, after all, what feminism is about. Women shouldn’t have to deal with having to work out which type has just entered the washroom.

    • I also know for sure that while men may believe they’re talking to a woman there’s no way on this earth that trans women can pass as women TO WOMEN. We can sense/smell/spot a man in our midst. It’s called survival.
      Women are, however, very polite, generally. And they wouldn’T tell the bloke they’re talking to that they know he’s a dude.

      • “May it be a female soul (if you want to view this spiritually) or may it be a female brain (newer scientific studies point into this direction). ”

        Bollocks (to be biologically correct as well!). I just KNEW that the magical female essence argument would pop up eventually.

        Plus the supposed brain science (brain organisation theory, spiffy MR images and size/shape computations, MRI and connectivity, or even post-mortem slice and dice) can’t tell the difference between a female brain and a male brain, there is so much overlap. NONE of the measures suggested are diagnostic.

        Until you’ve got something that can distinguish, 95% of the time, between a male brain and a female brain, then you’re just talking overlapping distributions and statistically discernable TRENDS at best, not an actual classification of brains into male and female. And science has been at this game for a long time, and the closer we look the MORE the differences disappear, and the greater the overlap.

        Heck, I don’t NEED a brain scan, I just listen to what they SAY. And I wager that 99% of the time, usage of the word cunt and violent treats are a pretty good classifier………………………………

  7. After carefully reading your article I must say that it appears to me as if you have done very little or none research on the subject of transsexuality. Some of your statements are plainly incorrect, mistakes you wouldn’t have made if you put some constructive effort in this subject in the first place.

    Let’s look at a couple of your statements.

    You claim to say that male to female transsexuals start their transition because they feel they can’t compete with more masculine men. I really wonder where you got that information from.
    From the experience of helping a few hundred transsexual persons, both male to female and female to male, I know their desire to transition is fed by a discontempt or even hatred towards their own bodies. I have seen children going into a blind panic when they hit their natural puberty because they see their bodies change in a direction they detest. To them it is a mutiny of their body.

    You wrote: “If a particular soul manifests within a male body, then it can only be a male soul. If the male in question believes his soul to be female, then that is because he’s swallowed the western cultural stereotypes of what a female is.”

    This raises the question of what male and female really is.
    Although genetic sex and gender identity match most of the time, there are cases where it is different. Nature isn’t as black/white as some people like to think it is.

    Regardless of chromosomes, each fetus starts initially as female. Male fetuses develop as male under influence of testosterone. Sometimes it happens that the body does become masculine while the masculinization of the brain fails to take place. The result: You end up with a masculine body and a feminine brain.
    In even more rare cases the masculinization of both the brain and the body fail to take place because the body insensitive to testosterone and the baby ‘boy’ is born with a vagina and a female gender identity while in fact having male DNA and testis where the ovaries are supposed to be.

    So what is a man and what is a woman? Do you look at sex chromosomes, at the genitals or do you look at the brain?

    • THere is no such thing as a masculine brain or a feminine brain.
      That is misogyny.

      You are talking about western cultural stereotypes.

      If a particular man does not think/behave act like the western cultural stereotype of what a man should be, then he is …. a woman?
      I think not.

      The Y chromozome exists in every single cell of a man’s body.

      ETA: You do realise that over the centuries white men have not only tried (and failed) desperately to prove women’s brains were different to theirs, but they have also tried to prove that people of other races had different brains to them.
      This is extremely misogynistic (and in the case of race, extremely racist), and was done to try to “prove” that white men were the only true humans.

      Men trying to prove women’s brains are different is EXTREMELY OLD. Now we have men saying that not only are women’s brains different to theirs but now THEY want to have brains that are different too?????

      • Call it misogyny if you like, it does not change the fact that significant differences are found between male and female brains. This has nothing to do with culture, this is plain neurology.

        You can read about it in this scientific publication (assuming you have a subscription to Nature):
        If you do not agree with this, it would be sensible if you provide scientific arguments disproving the conclusions in this article.

      • I refer you to Delusions of Gender, by Cordelia Fine. She is a neuroscientist, who debunks all the white male supremacist myths about how females and people of non-white races have different brains to white men.

      • Your claim that -men- specifically are trying to prove this difference is incorrect because there is a fair amount of women involved in the same research.

      • Either you haven’t read “Delusions of Gender”, or haven’t understood it. Cordelia Fine debunks many myths about sexually dimorphic neurology, while demonstrating that the brain is sexually dimorphic in other areas.

        “The Y chromozome exists in every single cell of a man’s body.”

        Nope. 1 in 300 men aren’t XY for example. Some are XX. Many women (as in, all those who have ever been pregnant with XY children), have *some* XY cells in their bodies, even at age 80.


        Sex Chromosome Abnormalities Found Among 34,910 Newborn Children: Results From a 13-Year Incidence Study in Århus, Denmark
        J.Nielsen and M.Wohlert
        Birth Defects: Original Article Series, Volume 26, Number 4, pages 209-223

      • WRONG Zoe, ALL males have the Y chromozome in every single cell of their body.
        Males may exhibit VARIATIONS of the XY genetic make-up, that part is true, but if the Y is present, then that person is male, or at least, definitely not female.
        Females, on the other hand, have no Y chromosome whatsoever. Every single cell in our body is FULLY XX.

        (But you’re saying that some residual XY cells left over in their body from carrying a BOY counts?? Grasping at straws much? Do those residual baby cells enter their hair? their eyelashes? their fingernails? their skin? Because women are fully XX in every single cell, you know.
        Or do those baby cells you’re talking about just sort of hang about in the womb area. Methinks it’s the latter)

        [Intersex people (not that this has ANYTHING to do with trans) are not, in fact, female. They are male or non-female, but many are assigned as female from birth. Again, this is irrelevant to the trans issue]

  8. Yeah, the same ole ‘sex differences have been scientifically proven, and trans women have female brains’ — except as Cordelia Fine and others (Brain Sex, Rebecca Jordan-Young) have shown , the supposed ‘brain organisation theory’ and the science that supports it is actually a hell of a MESS.

    And you can’t tell a female brain apart from a male brain, either at autopsy or from a brain scan. Supposed ‘statistical differences’ aren’t diagnostic.

    I’ve looked at quite a bit of the actual literature as well, and what with small sample sizes/bad statistics/bad tests/ plus the moving the goal-posts stuff that Jordan-Young talks about, there is really NO SOUND SCIENTIFIC basis for this whole ‘male brain/female brain’ meme that the trans cult relies so much on.

    In the past, men looked for ‘male’ signals from lesbians and ‘female’ from gay men — when hormones and all the obvious stuff failed, then we went on to brains. Same for trans — the simple physical intersex diagnosis didn’t fit, so that gets hidden in the brain as well. and sadly much of this science brings with so many of the OLD sex stereotypes associated with male/female and gay/straight that it’s a wonder anyone takes it seriously, apart from those who so DESPERATELY want it to be true, so that they can be shown to be PROPER women scientifically, whatever effect the ‘female brain hypothesis’ has on those of us who just happen to be female in every cell.

    Which is just a fancy way of saying, the trans cult want to junk biology where it suits them (like pointing out that females have wombs and stuff and that this MATTERS), whilst simulataneoulsy taking MALE science (i.e. shoving heads into great big superconducting magnets and making measurements which is so much SEXIER than the messy sociological stuff on gender done (or so it seems to me), by a lot of women ) and inflating it to unassailable scientific fact, and dismissing the claims by females that biology DOES matter and in fact is a key-stone of our oppression, ALL so that they can have what they feel they are entitled to as men who feel they’re women………………………………………………..

    • LOL, thanks BadDyke, for being the cavalry and turning up at the right moment.

      “Entitlement” is the operative word here. The entitlement that is dripping from these men, who don’t have ANY decent science to back up their shaky, misogynistic claims, is just mesmerizing.

      • Yep, I can recommend Cordelia Fine and ‘Delusions of Gender’. The Jordan-Young book, I’m afraid, is a bit of an academic slog (plus the references via name thing just looks funny to a physical scientist like myself that uses numerical superscripts!).

        What is interesting is that neither of these books is about trans specifically, but just the same ole brain organisation theory and the supposed ‘scientifically proven’ ‘hardwired’ differences our girlie brains and their macho ones. Despite Cordelia being labelled a rad fem by those members of the trans cult who just find ANY objection to their favourite theory as transphobic……….

      • Yes, her findings have got nothing to do with trans per se.
        The laws of nature and science aren’t interested in the trans cult, but by documenting scientific findings (that have been reached by using PROPER METHODOLOGY) you get to the truth.
        And…by exposing the faulty methodologies that men have been using in their so-called “experiments” you get to see the biases inherent to their hypotheses. The bias, of course, is male supremacy.

  9. Yes. I can also recommend a review of both books over at ‘Trouble & Strife’:

    Yep, ‘natural’ assumptions (lesbians are ‘more male’ for example) and underlying political and social background are the elephant in the room.

    In the review, raised the interesting point how the focus has switched from evolutionary biology (women good at A cos we were gatherers rather than hunters), to neuroscience.

    I think what can be said about the neurosciene reported above can be said even more strongly for the papers out there that do look at brains of trans people — the sample sizes get even smaller, and the assumptions get even flakier. But the good point is that you DON’T have to worry about debunking those as well, because they all START from the assumption that males and females have different wiring. Demolish that, and then the trans brain sex argument fails before you even start.

    But even though neither author even mentions trans brain sex, they both get labelled ‘transphobic’ and ‘radfem’. And shows that in their deluded attempts to let transwomen IN, the funfems are throwing all women out with the bath-water, because THAT is where this stuff has it’s main effect, in the usual 50% of the population that is going to get labelled as being hard-wired the ‘wrong’ way before we even pop out of the womb.

    • Right, because male supremacy dictates that any person that digresses from the XY male norm is automatically faulty. Women are defined in the negative by default. So if it were proven that our brains were different, that would actually be patriarchy-speak for “inferior” and “wrong”.
      That goes for all females, and people of other races (although I think it’s fair to say that white men (including transwomen) hold men of other races above all women, including white women. Men of other races are regarded as human, in a way that women of ALL races are not)
      Jeez, male supremacists are STILL, after hundreds of years, fighting to prove that women definitely ARE wired “wrong”, and now transwomen have jumped on the bandwagon (being men and all), but the funny thing is they honestly seem SURPRISED that women are fighting their premises!!!

      They’re so full of hate.

      ETA: I do wish transwomenwould refrain from using the word “cunt” when they insist on attacking us, but it seems that most of them are so full of hate towards women that they can’t stop themselves.

  10. From “Pretendbians:Exactly like lesbians, except not.

    I can tell you how my trans friends who are allies help females.

    1. They recognize that sex matters.

    2. They respect that females will want to organize as females, and will not derail.

    3. They support female-only spaces.

    4. They support issues that impact females uniquely (e.g., reproductive choice) without derailing (a la Julia Serano).

    5. They don’t personalize feminist objections to gender identity theory.

    6. They speak out against violent threats made by trans activists against females.

    7. They will recognize that sometimes we will disagree – and that’s ok.

    8. They do not view female sexuality as a political obligation (e.g., lesbians need to “overcome” their aversion to penis to “affirm trans women’s realness”).

    There are trans women I accept as my friend, colleague, ally, sister. Indeed, I don’t really care about qualities based on identity politics in my *personal* life and dealings.

    In short, trans women/trans men that I know realize that it’s not either/or. Sometimes our interests align, sometimes they won’t – where they don’t align, we should be able to hammer out how we can reach a more balanced compromise (this is what we proposed with the letter to the United Nations – that resulted in death threats).

    • All the transactivists on this comments thread are horrible misogynists.

      It’s not the trans part feminists have a problem with, it’s the MISOGYNY.

      Not sure why that’s so hard for them to understand. But it’s probably because they’re misogynists, and they don’t actually care enough to even try to understand.

  11. Cherryblossom, this post is one of best I’ve read so far on SCAM / men in dress! (SCAM = surgically and chemically altered men). I’m sorry you have to deal with so many trolls. I just read the first two and after that I stopped.

    Thanks for your post. It’s also a very interesting insight that MTF are men that other men refuse to see as their own. I knew it was a way of ensuring the maintenance of the gender order of male domination / female subordination, but that’s incomplete, because men who dress as male-women (patriarchal femininity) still maintain their privilege, and women who alter their bodies to resemble men do not gain male status.

    But I also think there’s another kind of men in dress which has more to do with genocide of women than controlling men who don’t want to play dominance.The point is also, as many radfem bloggers have said, to replace women and erase women as humans, as independepent beings existing outside male perception. It is the utmost culmination of a culture of genocide against women in which women are exependable, interchangeable, inexistant outside “male creation” (whereby patriarchal women are “created” through rape and violence). To think you can replace women and to enjoy performing the social stigma that men have created and imposed on women to mark them publicly as stain, scum, parasite to be raped and eliminated (and to call this “being a women” – which is an utmost insult to all women and exactly like saying: “all women are sluts: I’m a slut, therefore I’m a women”) is surely a product of the culture of genocide against women that men have created.

    Men have sure stolen and appropriated what gender dysphoria is: only women live in constant dissonance from the world. Men may not be full subjects because they are roboticised but their subjectivity and sense of legitimacy as inheritors of the world is developed to an extent that we as women will probably never experience, even as radfems. Transactivism, structurally (individual men don’t have to be aware of the structure to apply the protocol of erasure and domination of women) is truly meant to prevent women to gain feminist class consciousness as women oppressed by men, to free themselves from male oppression. It contains every aspect of male sexist violence over women, just as anything patriarchal.

    • Excellent comment as usual, witchwind.

      Yes, femininity (lipstick, pastel colours, skirts, heels, long hair, mannerisms) are the YELLOW STARS that women are forced to wear in order to mark us out as subordinate, just like Jews and Homosexuals in Nazi Germany were forced to wear emblems on their attire. THe price, under patriarchy, for a woman to not obey this rule (let’s say by wearing a man’s suit) is hefty and retaliation is swift. Women who reject femininity are often targeted for “corrective rape”, let alone the run of the mill bullying and name-calling.

      And then we have these CLOWNS rubbing our faces in the dirt, prancing around “doing woman”, “doing femininity”, the role that MEN have created for us in order to keep us in our places.

      My GOD.

  12. This article is so long past due–thank you so much for your articulate statement. This is what so many of us have been saying for quite some time, and have been vilified by ‘fun’ feminists for our trouble. Somehow, we who speak out against this movement (SCAM! I love it) have been pushed into a corner labled “haters,” “RadFemScum,” “cis-priviliged,” etc. not only by that SCAMs but by feminists as well. Meanwhile, the lie of transgenderism is exposing young children to hormone treatments, stunting their sexual development, if they do not fit into the PINK box or the BLUE box sufficiently. It is heartbreaking.
    It’s time we all grew up and faced the truth; transwomen are no more our allies than are any other male. The whole concept itself is anti-feminist.
    We are already behind in this battle; it’s time to woman-up and face reality.
    Fight the Power!

  13. “How many trans women held their hands up in China and admitted they were women? None. No man’s foot was ever bound. Men don’t attempt to become women in cultures where no human being would want to be a woman”.

    This is patently false. I’ve met trans women from Kuwait, Lebanon, Israel, Pakistan, and India personally. You should leave the USA once in a while before assuming what the rest of the world is like.

    • You’ve just proved my point. Now that footbinding is over (it took long enough, just a thousand years) and women’s status in China is improving, transwomen are popping up everywhere like mushrooms.

      Interesting travelling career you’ve had… or let me guess, you’ve met those trans women in the USA?? erm, you should leave the USA once in a while before assuming that everybody lives there.

      As Germaine Greer pointed out, in India, until fairly recently, to be a barren woman was a fate worse than death. Which is why a third gender was created by men who failed masculinity. Indian men knew that they didn’t actually want to live the life of a barren daughter-in-law, tethered to the kitchen sink and then burned in the flames once their ageing husband popped his clogs. Which human being on earth WOULD want to live that life. None at all.

      But you’d know all of this, being so worldly and all…

  14. This thread is ON FIRE. THere is so much SPAM in my inbox today.
    Man, I’ve been wasting my time blogging about children’s books and fairy stories. This is where the excitement is.

  15. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    Not only are Trans oppose to feminism, They are also oppose to Intersex/DSD people as well. Trans are oppose to Intersex/DSD because they think that it threatens their existence and their ideology. It’s what Trans is incompatible with intersex/DSD people and they have NOTHING in common with Intersex/DSD people.

      • It’s because they believe in their warped, deluded minds that Intersex/DSD is somehow REAL and Trans isn’t. They have this thinking that Intersex/DSD is somehow connected to them, when in reality, the science isn’t their to support their agenda.

  16. The one thing I’ll say a a Biological born intersex person is that, Intersex people are pissed off whenever trans people like Zoe Alan Brain try’s to conflate trans with Intersex people. They try to do it because they think it justifies their existence or tries to muddy the issue. Intersex people are pissed when people like Zoe Alan Brain tries to drag intersex people into their issues. When we don’t want anything to do with Trans people.

    • It’s good idea to record all the hate speech crap coming from the Trans community. The more proof of their delusions, the more people will wise up to all the games, trans like to play on people. Soon or later, people with a brain will wake up and see what a delusional psychopath trans people are.

  17. Your post is spot on. I noticed that most trans women seem to display some sort of gender stereotype whether its their long hair, clothes, or there expressions. Its because they know they couldn’t pass otherwise if they look like your average Joe smhoe. No one would believe them if they said they were women.

  18. cherry blossom you didn’t even read my comment, and I never called you a cunt either, maybe i did say die in a fire, but your article made me sad. All i see on this whole web page is hate hate hate hate hate, from everywhere its ridiculous. You talk about transwomen like they are vile men that want to rape you and weird shit, but i doubt youve even met any in real life. you think transwomen somehow hold males everywhere to a superior standard, but many of us actually don’t even like men. transwomen are raped by men just as often, just as brutally as women are. we are beaten by men, killed by men, even by women(very rarely), and are shunned as outcasts by most of society, so before going on this all out crusade against trans women, maybe you should be targeting the real issue. because when a man abuses or is mean in some way to a transgirl, we expect it, alot of men are pigs. but when a women does it (any kind of women) it hurts alot, we don’t hate you, so why do you hate us. when have you actually ever heard of a transwomen attacking a cis-women physically. Sure nasty comments happen all the time but if you spent any time in high school then you know how nasty the comments between girls gets. And you know what, that is part of the problem, because the nastier we get towards each other, the more control men have over any of us.

    • You are a liar. Transwomen are never killed by women. They are only ever killed by men or transwomen (in which case it goes down on record that a woman was the murderer).
      Transwomen HAVE RAPED and DO rape women and children. I don’t need to go delving around into the records, the info is out there on the net.

      Don’t you get it, this is not about you? It’s not about men killing and raping men, it’s not about men killing and raping transwomen.

      Two women a week are murdered in the UK alone.

      THis is radical feminism, and it is not about any of the things you have talked about in your comment.

      If you comment again, I will read it, but unless it ADDRESSES the article, then I’m afraid it’s going into spam.

      ETA: LMFAO that transwomen are raped just as often as women. That’s just lies and narcissism. A woman is raped every 6 minutes in the U.S, sometimes by transwomen, and every 18 seconds a woman is beaten.

    • and are transwomen also impregnated against their will and gotten pregnant and been forced to raise unwanted offspring and gotten their lives and freedom ruined because of it? Has that happened to anyone of them? No, it hasn’t, because they don’t have female reproductive biology.
      Radical feminism is about liberating women to be masters of their own reproductive machinery, so sorry about it but transwomen have nothing to do with that.

      • Exactly, trans women have got nothing whatsoever to do with feminism, especially radical feminism, hence the title of this article.

        WHen it comes to feminism, transwomen are timewasters at best. ANd that’s when they’re being neutral (not raping women, perhaps not dealing out death threats, not walking around michfest with weapons, not forcing women to kowtow to their gender “identity” etc). Most of the time, though, they’re blocking the path to women’s liberation.

      • Thank you Nicky.
        Louise Edwards is now in my spam folder.
        I mean look at that Paul Ray Witherspoon, a child sex predator, using gender identity as an excuse to perv on women.
        Louise is apparently on his side? Fair enough. But that ain’t feminism.

    • Oh yeah Louise Edwards, you want me to die in a fire, eh?

      To go the way of the women who were murdered during the Burning Times by woman-hating males like yourself?

      You sound really frustrated. Life is so hard for 21st century men; they can’t just march troublesome women off to be burned at the stake like they used to.

      Okay, in that case I curse you back. I hope the souls of the millions of women who DID die in fires come back to haunt you.

      • Nine millions exactly, while six million jews were killed in the holocaust and the holocaust has won its rightful place amongst the most terrible, atrocious and sick genocides of history, when the burning times still doesn’t even have a name to begin with (here we call it ”the inquisition” because Spain’s royalty were actually the creators of it and not even here where it was so pervasive I’ve been able to study it properly at school or university, it’s been erased). And Spain despite being ”laic” (which is bullshit) still cooperates with ‘religious entities’, mostly the Catholic church… and most people here have been/are devoted Catholics, the church still has tremendous power. Hell, we are under a right-wing government now and they’re planning on making abortion and the morning after pill illegal! If people cared about women’s suffering and what the church did to us, they would have rejected the church massively and now it wouldn’t have any power. But what’s happened? Nothing. Spain is still full of churches and many priests are still rich in many towns and villages, and we pay taxes to the church (want it or not)!
        And to think that we are allowed to talk about the holocaust as a slaughter on jews (even if non-jews were also slaughtered) but if we talk about the burning times as a slaughter on women, we’re nazis because we must be inclusive of the 2%? of men who died in it. These things are very telling.

    • “maybe i did say die in a fire, but your article made me sad” Did you actual try and justify a death threat because . . . she disagreed with you. Relying on histrionics ( I’m going to threaten to kill you and or myself if you don’t agree with me) doesn’t make trans women look good it makes you look downright insane.

    • Weird how men/transwomen appear not to realise that women are murdered and raped disproportionately more than males, and the perpetrators are overwhelmingly men.

      I think they’re just pretending, of course. They do know, but they think women should bow down to their superior male “insight” into the world.
      Unfortunately, some women DO seem to be willing to ignore the facts and statistics. It’s that insatiable need for male approval.

      But yes, only males could ever make light of femicide, the way they have done on this thread.

  19. I would like to thank the transactivists on this thread for proving why they are not welcome at Radfem conferences.

    Transactivists seem to believe that they are perfectly justified, upon reading something that ‘made them sad’, to resort to misogyny, namecalling, death threats and death wishes. Then they wonder why they are unwelcome at our conference?

    Violence and threats of violence seem to be par for the course for transactivists. Just like the MRAs, exactly like them in fact.

    The misogyny and threats of violence are getting more and more overt these days, they don’t even bother hiding it. And this thread is just but a small sample, everything from ‘die cis scum’ to DIAF is an everyday occurance from transactivists towards radfems.

    And frankly, it proves what most radfems were already thinking – you are males, and your male behaviour doesn’t stop when you put on a dress.

    • Yes it is a small sample. About 80% of the trans women who have commented here have gone into spam.
      I just let the polite ones through. And I’m not joking, you should have seen the others.

      • Well, as an exercise, publish all of them in this thread – then put a reply under each one along the lines of “do not respond to this comment, only published as sample of TW hostility towards RFs” etc.

        When you have, I think I will compile them all into a post related to the conference. Libfems and others just do not believe us when we get these threats and misogyny thrown at us. There is a reason why TWs are not welcome at a RF conference, and this constant stream of hatemail is proof (to any sane person anyway). I am not sure when libfems will wake up to the fact that they are aiding and supporting a bunch of abusers – and they have abuser mentality – I mean to say, ffs, is the appropriate response to ‘reading something that makes you sad’ to immediately turn around and ‘hope the author dies in a fire’?

      • If you don’t want to post them, copy/paste all of them into a doc for me, and I shall use them as an example of the typical misogyny from tranz – allies to feminism/females my ass.

        I figured out the ONLY way to tell the difference between tranz and MRAs – the MRAs always include a rape threat – other than that though, fairly identical.

        On the plus side, because tranz are so OTT with their misogyny now, a lot of antiporn libfems are seeing them for what they are, and coming over to radical feminism. So perhaps we should thank tranz for the upswing in RF numbers?

  20. Oddly enough, the Python team explored this idea with reference to gender politics:

    Stan: I want to have babies.
    Reg: You want to have babies?!?!
    Stan: It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.
    Reg: But … you can’t HAVE babies!
    Stan: Don’t you oppress me!
    Reg: I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the fetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?
    Judith: Here! I’ve got an idea: Suppose you agree that he can’t actually have babies, not having a womb – which is nobody’s fault, not even the Romans’ – but that he can have the *right* to have babies.
    Francis: Good idea, Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies, brother… sister, sorry.
    Reg: What’s the *point*?
    Francis: What?
    Reg: What’s the point of fighting for his right to have babies, when he can’t have babies?
    Francis: It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression.
    Reg: It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.

  21. It’s just so fucking hilarious to me that these men think that “being a woman” means telling actual women what we’re allowed to do and say and think. Now where’d they get that idea from?

    Why don’t they scream for the right to be beaten by men who feign love for them, or to be impregnated against their wills, or…to be told *by men* what they are allowed to do and say and think? At least they’d have what could be considered an *authentic* experience of life as a woman!

    What a bunch of fucking poseurs.

    • “Poseurs”
      What a word. Exactly, they’re not interested in having an *authentic* experience as a woman, which would include the things you mentioned, they’re just interested (it seems) in bossing women about.

      • Yes. And the biggest difference between MRAs and MwCTT* is that one group promotes traditional misogyny while the other promotes post-modern misogyny. It’s like watching a christian evangelist trying to convert an atheist by preaching from the king James version of the bible and then switching to the new international version, and expecting that to make the difference.

        *(men who call themselves transgendered)

  22. Maybe I’ve just missed it, but I’ve never seen trans women behave the way you’re describing. It could well be because I stay out of arguments and for the most part don’t even comment on these articles, but my friend asked me to so here I am.

    I’ve heard some stories of things like the michfest where the arguments can get pretty heated, but to some degree that’s to be understood. Unfortunately this issue has become a battle, and every potential frontline seems to be a magnet for both sides. It’s a very difficult thing to make a decision on, and either way there will be people who disagree, and potentially are harmed in so doing and that is the saddest part. Because the argument exists we can never be in a world where there isn’t a competition, or maybe even some subtle hostility between both groups. That just isn’t fair, because it denies those who wish to put the arguments behind us and work for a common good any ability to do so.

    You say in your article many laws are being passed that favor trans women at the expense of women, and you also say its in record amounts that women could never achieve in such time. You use this as an example to prove trans women are privileged above all other women. I answer this by saying there still is no national law guaranteeing trans people the right to work in this country. The only laws in favor are the petty silly nonsense bathroom laws. Those laws do not truly grant any protection or rights to trans people, but I agree with you they do potentially open the door for harm to everyone else, particularly women. There are better approaches to that issue.

    And you know why those laws were passed, the men in power wanted to silence the LGBT lobbying groups, so they threw out small bones to everyone that doesn’t actually help anyone, but it appears to for those not educated on the matter. It’s not because trans people are powerful, it is specifically because they aren’t that this legislation even exists.

    The point about trans women being men the men didn’t want is an interesting one, and I would say that’s absolutely true. From very early in their lives they tend to be shunned from male groups and bullied, often extremely harshly, for not towing the line. But to say these men then encourage trans women to become women, as an attempt to purify masculinity goes a bridge too far. The men in power, and the majority of men within a trans woman’s life will never admit to calling them women. Their male family members often spend their whole lives trying to reform their “broken” son/brother of their femininity and force them to become “the men they know they are.” Male doctors often look down upon trans women, refuse them care, and do not take accuse them of every variety of insanity before admitting they might possibly be trans. It is men who ensure the procedures to transition are difficult to obtain, and costly to maintain. It is men who ensure that medical insurance covers as little as possible of these procedures deeming them cosmetic and unnecessary. And just as with all women it is men who determine if a trans woman is valuable, what she must do, how she must dress, and what she must think in order to be considered worthy.

    Misogyny is misogyny no matter the source no matter the target and all women, including those who are trans, experience it ad infinitum. Rather than diverting energy and fighting among ourselves we should dedicate all our resources to dismantling patriarchy. Cause if all we do is tear each other down there will be no one left to fight what really harms all of us.

    • Yep, you’ve definitely missed it.

      The point, as well as the misogyny.

      Please read the article and comments next time before replying.

      If you want to have a serious dialogue with me (and you do seem more [ahem] reasonable than your comrades) then first address the fact that foetuses are aborted for being female (never male). ALL trans women were born as males, which means their male privilege (their XY privilege, if you like) could well be the only reason their parents decided to let them live.

      When you have addressed your privilege as a male-born person, then—and only then— will there be any room for discussion, or certainly any type of alliance between us.

      But FFS, I can’t get over the MALENESS of your reply. THe pontificating, the mansplaining, the “essay” style lecture etc etc.

  23. Oh GOD, his mates have turned up.
    All the other transplainers are now going into the spam folder. It is aggravating to constantly come up against their sense of entitlement as they are shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, that women are daring to prioritize themselves over men.

  24. Geez I wonder why I have a feeling that what ever I have to say your just going to pound away just like a good religious conservative? I suppose I could point out the Transsexual research that shows we have feminized brains and a defective SRY gene in our DNA. But just like a good conservative you’ll say its junk science or well I just don’t believe it. But just like a good conservative you won’t think twice about using that same junk science when it comes to saving your own ass a little hypocritical don’t ya think? Or your claim that no Transsexual ever used their “Male Privilege” while they had it to lift a woman up in a male dominated field. I worked in ceramic tile setting for years and hired a few as was possible it wasn’t like you were all beating down the door to get hired. Out of maybe five one went on to become a tile setter. But hey I know your going to call me a liar. Or say I was a male chauvinist pig thats why only one became a tile setter even though a lot of men never make it that far.It is truly sad you would rather embrace the ideas of men like Karl Marx a known misogynist. Not only share the same views as religious conservatives about transsexuals but out “man” them in promoting those views even though they’re not exactly known as the greatest supporters of women’s issues especially womens reproductive choice or lesbians. Yep I’m just an asshole trying to invade your space but it would seem to me you all act like bigger misogynistic assholes in your own space then I ever could.

  25. Sorry I had to post as a new comment, it wouldn’t let me reply without a wordpress account.

    I do wish to have a serious dialogue, and I did read your article the reason I commented is simply because I’ve never seen this debate first hand and frankly don’t know any transwomen irl, so mostly I was just saying what I have seen and understand so far so we both know where the other is coming from.

    There is no answer to that. It simply doesn’t exist. I never have denied that at some point I was certainly granted some amount of male privilege, it’d be downright silly for me to say otherwise. I don’t know anyone (in my shoes) who could, realistically.

    I apologize if it came off as rude, I’m not trying to do any of that I’m merely trying to present my current understanding like you did in your article so we could start a discourse. I was forced into a number of activities such as debate as a child which essentially mandates the way I think when trying to understand another’s position.

    • But this is the thing, Kat, we know your position because it has long been accepted as the norm. When Jan Raymond wrote the Transsexual Empire, trans politics were already mainstream. Now they have been embraced by middle America, by everyone in fact: left-wing libs, right-wing conservative, men of all ilks. Governments, including the Iranian government accept trans women and it’s easy to get a “sex” change there.

      So the so-called fight against “the establishment” is in trans women’s heads because from where women are standing, they ARE the establishment. They’ve got GOVERNMENTS on their side. That is something women have never had, and never will have.

      In short, we women cannot *escape* the trans ideology. (Have you read the GUardian recently???)And the reason for this is that it supports male dominance. Yes men who reject masulinity get a rough deal under patriarchy, but that is NOTHING compared to what women have to deal with.

      So.. we’re not on a level playing field. The radfem position is the one that nobody gets to hear of because we don’t have control of the media the way men do.

      If you are as serious about learning women’s point of view as you claim, then read some of our writing. It has long been known that the oppressed know more about their oppressors than vice versa. It’s a survival strategy. If you want to learn the point of view of the true oppressed of the world–of women– then read our writing, take it in, and if you’re brave enough, try to understand it.

  26. tiamathydra – what you said about “9 million” is a complete fabrication taken from that oh-so-credible source, “The Da Vinci Code”. As a feminist historian of mediaeval women – and especially Spanish mediaeval women – I’d ask that you please refrain from repeating these inaccuracies.

    • It’s common for a member of the oppressor class to re-write history, and pretend that genocides of an oppressed group did not take place. Your statement is therefore not only predictable, but completely incorrect.

      9 million is in fact an underestimate, because the figure was taken from the peak of the witch-craze, and does not account for the women who continued to be murdered “for being witches” well into the 18th century crossing two continents, including the U.S and Europe. It also does not count the Saudi Arabian woman who was sentenced to death for witchcraft last year… or the African women who are killed by men for the crime of “witch-craft” so yes, 9 million is a gross underestimate..

      I’ve never watched that movie you mentioned.. and I’m not interested in it.
      Why don’t you just deny the Jews were murdered, like the Iranians do. Why don’t you deny slavery existed. Oh, might it be because those groups of people include MEN, whose murders are taken seriously.

      • How am I a member of the “oppressor class”? I’m a non-Christian, feminist woman (since birth, if that’s important to you) of European heritage (i.e. my identity larges matches that of women who were executed for witchcraft), who is, in fact, a member of a radical feminist book group. I actually found your blog from a fellow member’s tweet. I’m not quite sure why you’ve accused me of a number of false equivalencies, which are fairly ironic given that I work on interactions between women of different faiths and ethnicities, particularly Jewish women and slave women.

        I refer to the number of 9 million cited by your commenter, during the “Burning Times”, i.e. the early modern height of witchcraft trials, not all women persecuted for their religious beliefs across the continuum of history. Given the decreased population following multiple outbreaks of plague, starting from the mid-fourteenth century, and extant records – there’s simply no way that 9 million women killed is anywhere near an accurate record. The population of Europe was somewhere around 100 million in 1650 – a hundred years earlier, plus take into account that many European countries were not as concerned with prosecuting witchcraft as were areas like Germany, and the commenter above is suggesting that something like 20-40% of all adult women were executed for witchcraft.

        There is no way I would ever deny the Holocaust or slavery, and I am not denying the horror of the witch craze executions. I want accuracy though, not statistics inflated purely for the shock value. I work only on women’s history and I want truth for the women who died before us.

    • You’ve got to be kidding me. You quote some movie and now you’re talking about accuracy.

      And how DARE you try to say that I, or any serious feminist, would exaggerate the crimes comitted upon women by men. I hardly need to. I’m talking about a small slice of history. I’m not even talking about the two women a week who are murdered by their spouses in the U.K alone, in the 21st century.

      Have you ever heard of Mary Daly? She had three Ph.Ds, and she, and other women who care about women, have researched the witch craze in detail, poring over the evidence and statistics recorded at the time. It was not just European women, you know. And the time-frame is important here. What people often forget (and male academics always ommit) is that the witch-craze lasted CENTURIES.

      How I wish your words were correct, and that 9 million was an overestimation. Sadly, the evidence tell us the opposite.

      Elizabeth, if you are a woman, then why are you working on behalf of transwomen and the patriarchy?
      If you are woman, then why do you despise your own kind so much?
      You’d rather defend and support any man, over any woman. You’d rather listen to their crappy “theories” about gender, the crappy re-writing of history, than what female researchers have been trying to communicate to the world for years.
      But women’s work is not to be taken seriously, not to be believed. Better to believe male academics eh? Anyone but a witch; anyone but a woman.

    • Thanks Ibleed. I’m choosing Daly over Diki.
      But I’m really pleased with the way this convo has developed. THIS is where women need to be, right here, discussing the burning times, discussing what men have done to us over the centuries. Radical feminism goes way beyond what any trans woman could ever possibly envisage.
      Radical feminism is not, in fact, ABOUT transwomen at all. But excluding them from our spaces would be a good start.

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  28. As a longtime sufferer of gender dysphoria, I take umbrage with your assertion that my desire to transition has been somehow forced on me in some diabolical patriarchal conspiracy stemming from some inability to measure up in a male world. Most men (and women) regard me as a successful, attractive, intelligent, social, responsible, funny, kind, compassionate man. I am able to fit in to my role in the patriarchy quite well.

    And that is what you fail to understand: it is a role I play. I do not expect anybody who does not suffer from gender dysphoria to fully understand how it feels when something is fundamentally wrong with your own self-image. But I do expect people to try. Your lack of compassion for your fellow human beings is inexcusable.

    • All women under a patriarchy suffer from gender dysphoria (which is a term that means nothing more than males struggling with masculine role-play, and females struggling with feminine role-play. THat is ALL it means).

      So I take umbrage with your implication that women don’t experience struggles to conform, both physically and psychologically. WHy do you think women have breast implants? Labioplasty? I disagree that a select few women are affected. It’s possible that it may be the case for males, but never for females. While it’s true that some women manage to cope better than others with the feminine role foisted upon them by culture, media and society, the truth is that the vast majority do not. Are you saying the majority of women in Iran are happy with the fact they’re forced to wear the veil by law, in keeping with proper feminine and female behaviour in that particular culture?

      When men play-act the “feminine role”, when they play-act “woman”, they are play-acting the gendered behaviour forced upon women.

      Think about it: femininity describes a set of traits, such as “passive, submissive, compliant, people-pleasing” etc. The easiest way to make any human being passive, compliant and submissive is to rape them. You might want to think about what that means for actual women, and how it affects their, behaviour, or “role-playing”. Not all feminine women have been raped, not all raped women are feminine, but rape is but one way that our society pushes women into complying with feminine behaviour.

      Has it never crossed your mind that, in a patriarchy, when men play-act “woman” they might be insulting all the women in the world since the dawn of time who never WANTED to be submissive and feminine, but had to be in order to survive? I mention patriarchy to emphasize that the people who own almost all property and land in the world, run the judicial system, armies and governments, police and medical institutions etc etc are men, and they make the rules of society, not women.

      Your narcissism and lack of compassion for women is inexcusable.

      • Not only that, his narcissism and his MALE privilege is really glaring. It’s clear, that it’s all about him and trying to project his reality on to women.

  29. Why do you assume that all transwomen desire to be passive and submissive? This may be true for some, but certainly not all. Your entire argument is based on an oversimplification derived from lack of research, and I will continue with it no further. I wish you all the best.

    • Where did I say all transwomen desire to be passive and submissive? I did not. Undoubtedly some simply cannot roleplay “masculinity”, as I state in the first paragraph of my post.

      I gave examples of typical *feminine* behavioural traits and mannerisms but as I said, gender varies from culture to culture.
      The word “gender”, of course, refers to a cultural construct. And so if you insist on using the word it would be polite for you to first learn what it means, and which group of people first coined the theories about it (that would be radfems), before you pontificate about who has or who has not done their research.

      It is scientifically impossible to change sex, as we all know, so you therefore *must* be talking about gender. Otherwise, why believe you are “transgendered” at all?

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