Deliberate destruction

I had just finished reading Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology when the tsunami hit Japan. Sitting in my kitchen with my head in my hands reeling in shock at the loss of life up North, and contemplating the ‘nuclear emergency’ , I began slowly to spin, piecing patterns of truths together, as Daly had earnestly taught me.

Women are innocent insofar as they have been duped into believing that suffering, wars, ecological disasters are arbitrary, driven by freak forces of nature. When the truth is that global patriarchy is necrophiliac; it enjoys death. If males, who for thousands of years have made all the decisions on behalf of humanity, loved life and could simply be without acting upon an incessant drive to mete out destruction, then the world would look very different.

But surely no-one can assert that a tsunami is man-made?

No. But where were the trees? One survivor recounted how she grabbed a tree the moment she was washed from her house. The houses disappeared down the street but the solitary tree remained, with the woman holding onto it.

Men like roads more than they do trees. A highway is being constructed through the virgin steppe between Moscow and St Petersburg. Environmental protesters are being beaten and brain damaged, but the death must go on. The Russian government will pay $130 million dollars in compensation for the environmental destruction. To whom? Not to the women of Russia, not to the wildife: not to the earth or the Goddesses which are one and the same.

And what of the nuclear emergency? We are told not to worry about the radioactive particles that now contaminate the air. It is apparently the food, the milk and vegetables, we should be concerned about, lest thyroid cancer should manifest in our lymph nodes.
I might be forgiven for asking why exactly there are so many nuclear power plants. Are our energy needs that great? What exactly are our needs? Is all that Disneyland bullshit a need? Are escalators a need? Are VENDING MACHINES on mountaintops, serving hot and cold drinks, anywhere, any day of the year a need? Or might it be that a clean, fresh, radiation-free environment is a more pressing need for our children?

In this man’s world Gold is more valuable than fresh air, Roads are more valuable than trees, Vending machines more valuable than our children’s health.

Women who draw attention to these discrepancies are dismissed as hysterical. The age-old fob off. The ancient embarassment of our wombs getting the better of our rational left brain.

Vending machines. Fat cats. Lined pockets. Stakeholders. Backhanders. Profit. Dirt. Dirty world. Dirtier by the day. Toxic waste disposal? Just dump it in the woods. There’s only children there. Job done. Back to work. Nice CLEAN energy. Cold Coca-cola. Thyroid cancer. Lupus. Don’t, whatever you do, TURN OFF the vending machines.

“Meanwhile the springs are becoming more silent, as the necrophiliac leaders of phallocentric society are carrying out their programmes of planned poisoning for all life on the planet” (Mary Daly, 1978)


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