5-year Fuku-versary by FCM

so ive been paying attention to the weather lately (!!) as well as a couple of disasters happening in the USA now, in real time — the fire at a nuclear waste dump (west lake landfill) in MO and another similar situation in the west (nevada maybe? ok not following that one as closely), as … Continue reading

Jazz Jennings, teen boy, shows women how to “woman”

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*This post was written in conjunction with the brilliant Phonaesthetica.  Hey, gals, guess what? This fourteen-year-old boy is a role model for YOU. Yep, you, full-grown-ass women. Meet Jazz Jennings, YOUR ROLE MODEL. This weekend, we sat a spell to watch an OWN documentary all about our role model. We wanted…

Fuck your equality

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So the other day, Gender Identity Watch’s Twitter account was suspended. Some will interpret this as a great victory; some will see Twitter (a company), not unlike Facebook (also a company), as the benevolent arbiter of “good” and “evil” of “right” and “wrong.” (As a culture, we’re so fucking stupid that…

cis-wabbits are bigots

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I have always felt like a bunny inside. I had to get ear affirming surgery to correct a birth defect. I present no danger to cis-wabbits now that I have been rabbitised. No I don’t have to declare my fang-status. Snake-wabbits are wabbits because snake-wabbits are wabbits. Forked tongues…

The Baby Scoop Era

The Baby Scoop Era

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The Baby Scoop Era is the period immediately after the Second World War to the early-mid 1970s when hundreds of thousands of young, unmarried women were either forced to relinquish or excessively co-erced into giving their babies away for adoption. Many of these new mothers were not even allowed…

The Omnipresence (i.e absence) of Women

Living in a foreign country (especially one as wacky as this one) gives me great insights into how patriarchy works, because I feel as though I’m living a parody, like I’m literally acting in a play… Femininity is “done” differently, for a start, so I had to unlearn everything I knew in that respect, and … Continue reading

The most valuable of cookies.

I found quite an interesting video on youtube made by a man talking about prostitution and the GFE (the girlfriend experience)… and I’m going to give him a cookie. An oatmeal-raisin cookie, or a fig roll— Nothing with chocolate in it, don’t worry… Once you get past the usual fails it becomes quite easy to listen … Continue reading