As a Welsh person it is my duty to speak for impoverished teenage mothers, so would you kindly fuck off with “I’ll have my career first then adopt” That is all

Obviously there’s not much to add to this post other than how despicable a woman must be to put off her most fertile years because she is out about in the world man pleasing, sorry I mean “getting a career”. There’s nothing wrong with “getting a career” but NOT if you are then going to … Continue reading

The more views we get the more trees we’ll plant

  So it looks like Pornhub are environmentalists now too, and most probably antinatalists. Those two tend to hang out together. In their latest porn about ocean clean up where they have women frolicking in the dirt washed up by the sea they are showing how environmentally friendly they really are. There’s nothing I love … Continue reading

Reviving the bogeyman

Of all the things that feminism has taught us, surely the following is the most relevant and important: your rapist is someone you know- the kind friend walking you home at night is more likely to rape you than a randomer you pass on the street- your killer will be your husband, your childhood sexual … Continue reading

La Revolucion Sera Feminista o No Sera

I first saw this caption in 2011 during the Occupy (Indignados) movement in Spain. The Revolution will be Feminist or it will not be.  Men tend to whip up and mobilize agitated and angry young women into providing energy for their variety of movements. The Occupy movement was, as I understand it, something of a … Continue reading

What men want

An article about Shulamith Firestone appeared on my Facebook feed today, written by Susan Faludi, and entitled Death of a Revolutionary. I liked Firestone’s work; but I noticed she argued in favor of certain things that men want, in the name of feminism. Men don’t hide what they want. Men want to live with women. … Continue reading

Why fringe group radfems need to STFU about porn

In the pursuit of ideological purity radical feminists may find themselves becoming increasingly further isolated from other normie women. While I don’t think the pursuit of ideological purity is wrong per se, (although I can see why some would disagree) I think it’s important to remain at least woman friendly enough to not end up … Continue reading